For a 'hole'some breakfast

For a 'hole'some breakfast

The Hole in the Wall Cafe’ is one of the most popular hangouts for youngsters. Located in Kormangala, the place is buzzing with food-lovers who are impressed by its beautiful interiors, which consist of abstract art, warm colours and neatly arranged tables.

The place offers a variety of American and continental dishes to satiate your urge for pancakes and burgers. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and at ‘The Hole in the Wall Cafe’, you can be rest assured that your breakfast is a grand feast. 

You can choose from pancakes, waffles, eggs, omelettes, sausages, salami, cakes, muffins, bakes, breakfast sliders, pastries, pies and the good old tea-coffee-fruit juice. Although the cafe was started in 2010, the menu is regularly revised and this month, a number of new dishes have been introduced.

Items like the full monty American breakfast and the chicken hole nine yards hash are highly popular while the olive treat is a ham basket filled with a baked egg and cheese served with brown bread and butter. 

The place also offers some soft and delicious pancakes and waffles which are served with a beverage. Egg-lovers can opt for the bob hash brown omelette which is made of three eggs, onions, chillies, and coriander and comes with a serving of hash brown. The pizza omelette is a made of four eggs and topped with pizza sauce, cheese, olives and chicken or pork pepperoni.

In sandwiches, the honey mustard chicken is a fast-selling item. As quirky as it sounds, the ham ham thank you ham is a submarine consisting of ham, cheese and egg and is lapped up by the customers. The veggie sub in your tub can be an interesting choice for vegetarians and is made of four veggies of your choice.

The cafe also offers a dirty burger, which is a combination of two dishes in one. The sloppy jane burger is a burger filled with baked beans, onions and jalapenos. Team your sandwich and burger with some yoghurt, oats, banana and flavoured strawberry for that sumptuous meal.

‘The Hole in the Wall Cafe’ is also a great platform for budding artists to exhibit their talent. One can not only paint, sketch or doodle away here but also exhibit his or her work on the walls of the cafe. It is located at #61, 1st A Main, ST Bed, Koramangala, 4th Block. For details, call 9900517582.

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