A home away from home

A home away from home

Melting Pot

A home away from home

Most people, who move to Bengaluru for work, ends up falling in love with the City and stay on.

Brojen Nongmaithem, who is from Imphal shifted to the City more than decade back. Wife Sangita Rajkumari joined him recently.

Brojen, who works as manager of lab services with Nokia Networks, and Sangita, who works as a guest relation executive with ITC Gardenia, feel comfortable and settled here. 

“One can spend a lot of time doing one’s graduation back home, but still won’t get a job. This is why I came to Bengaluru; to complete my education and find a good job,” says Brojen, who graduated from PES Institute of Technology.

He recollects that his schooling in Imphal was peaceful, but adds that it is hard for one to finish their graduation there.

“One cannot effectively pass out of a three-year course in the given time; it will prolong to an year or more as a lot of strikes and ‘bandhs’ happen. Exams are always delayed,” he says.

Brojen says that Bengaluru is cosmopolitan in every way.

“People from everywhere are living here. It’s a wonderful mix of expatriates and Indians,” he adds.

Sangita has been able to adjust with the people here as there are many from different parts of the country here. “We don’t feel different,” she says.
 The couple have only praises for the City.

“People here are very friendly and I find the environment very pleasant. I travel to places like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad for work but I found Bengaluru the best place to work. People are very professional and you have a friendly work atmosphere here. It’s very difficult to adjust in places like Delhi, where one has to do a lot of negotiation and please people but I have never experienced anything like that here,” says Brojen.

Sangita, who has worked in Delhi earlier, says that she is still getting used to the Bengaluru. “It’s easy to mingle here,” she says.

Do people here know about Imphal?

“My group knows the place well since they’ve been interacting with me. But, not many know where Imphal is located or about the North-East.  I have come across people who don’t even know where Manipur is,” says Brojen.

The couple, who are settled in the southern part of the City, love to hangout at Commercial Street, Brigade Road, MG Road etc. 

“These places are well connected by public transport. We also visit Koramangala often,” he says.

Sangita adds, “We love hanging out at the different malls in the City too. One can’t find such huge malls in Imphal.”

Although Sangita is fresh to the City and is still adjusting to South Indian food, Brojen doesn’t miss much from back home.

“As far as the food is concerned, we have rice back home too. Some herbs and vegetables are not available here, but when someone comes from there, they bring it for us. There are many options here otherwise,” he says. 

Language hasn’t been a problem for the couple, says Brojen.

“It can be an issue in the interior parts, but we are able to manage with English and Hindi,” he says. 

Brojen, who is also a marathoner, loves the City and feels that the weather here is best suited for running.

“There’s a lot of greenery here compared to many other places. The weather is similar to our hometown,” says Sangita, to which he adds, “We feel lucky to be in Bengaluru.”