Mourning may not mar revelry

Mourning may not mar revelry

Senior officers express confidence that no untoward incidents would mar the celebrations of the birth of a new decade. The death of the thespian may mute the revelry somewhat, but any attempts at violence would not be countenanced. 

 On the security measures, Joint Commissioner of Police(JCP) Alok Kumar said security arrangements for the New Year eve celebrations were in place. “The security and traffic arrangement will be same as announced earlier this week.

Central Business Districts like Brigade Road and MG Road will be provided with the proper ‘bandobast’ as planned by the zonal deputy commissioner,” the JCP said.

Alok Kumar also observed that last year there was a drop in the number of floating population. “Due to Metro Rail works there was less crowd on New’s Year’s eve. This year may be because of the actor’s death there could be a decline too, however the security arrangements will be stringent,” he added.

According to other police officials, mourning will not affect celebration on Thursday. The fan’s association was not expected disrupt the celebration  because of the appeals for peace made by Vishnuvardhan’s family. However, all precautionary measures have been taken to avert any attempt to breach peace, they said.

“Based on our experience during Dr Rajkumar’s death, we have made appropriate arangements by identifying the vulnerable and sensitive spots,” they added.