When you are worried say a prayer
When u wish to say something
When you appear for your
exams say a prayer
But did anyone tell you
Say a prayer when you get angry
Say a prayer when you are hurt
Say a prayer when you are right,
but other  proclaim you are wrong
Say a prayer when you feel like taking revenge
No one ever said it but this is the way to get
Rid of all you're suffering
Pray not only when you do good but also
   in your weak times
Prayer often makes us  realize that we
   are in one union
With God for him and from Him
Suffering is a testing time and why should
   this small
Thing make a big gap between God
and us

Bernard. D'sa


Oh Mother, without you where would I be
Mother I have not seen God
But for sure I know that he has sent you
To represent  him in my daily life
But still I searched for someone in my life
But why even though I know the truth
Even though in these random thoughts mother
One thing strikes me and makes me reflect
Oh! Mother without you where would I be...

Bernard. D'sa


Prizes are big,
Prizes are small
Prizes are in different colours,
Which attract me   to all.

Some prizes are mine,
Some prizes belong to others,
And I love prizes because,
it is my dream and goal to win them.
And I have become popular
because of these prizes.

Nikita Elizabeth Mathew
Baldwin Girls High School
Class V

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