Customising rooms for teens

Customising rooms for teens

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Customising rooms for teens

Sharmila Chand gives you tips and tricks to decorate your kids’ room in tune with their tastes, even as you ensure that the decor doesn’t clash with the rest of the house.

It is often said that doing up rooms for teenagers is a Herculean task.

On one hand, you want it to look like your home; while on the other, you also want to be the best parent, by giving in to your kids’ wishes. And now begins the confusion.

But experts are of the opinion that it should not cause any major worry.

The trick is to understand your children’s likes, dislikes, special preferences for colours, designs, themes and so on. You also need to understand their hobbies and what they like to do in their free time.

The best way is to involve them in the design process so that they also feel responsible about maintaining the décor, besides learning many things in the process.

It is good to have certain elements in rooms for teenage boys.

For example, a punching bag, a corner to store games, miniatures, maybe of planes or cars, a gaming device and so on. If the rooms are done up with a certain theme, it is better.

For instance, the military interior looks very appealing to boys.

Whereas, for teenage girls, certain elements, like an interesting closet, a magnetic makeup board, soft floral bed linen and muted lighting will work.

Besides necessities like bed and a closet, a teen bedroom should also have functional spaces for doing homework, socialising with friends or just lounging.

It is best to paint rooms with the choice of their colours.

If your teen room is for two kids, you should try to use a neutral colour palette or you need to find the right combination of their favourite colours.

This way, you will get an opportunity to mix more colours and add some cheer.

It is necessary that you paint the walls of your teen’s room in colours that are fresh and invigorating, so that it provides the right backdrop and mood for all the activities.

While teen girls usually prefer popular colours like pink, olive green and purple, boys like to go in for black, white or bright orange.

You need to create a balance and choose a neutral combination.

You can even paint different walls in different colours for a modern look. It will keep the teens happy too!

Funky, but affordable

Shopping for teens can be quite a challenge. They change their minds pretty fast and so, their requirements also change.

Select furniture and furnishings, which are not very heavy on the pocket.

A computer desk with an ergonomic chair, a shelving unit for storage and a space-saving bed create a functional and modern teens’ room design.

The best way is to mix and match stylish beds, striking dresser mirror sets, trendy nightstands, colourful chests, and funky desks to create space that reflect your teenager’s identity.

Go for coordinated teen bedroom furniture sets featuring an eclectic range of designs to satisfy the varied tastes of teenagers.

Stick to classic shades of black and white, or make a bold statement with vibrant hues of orange, red and yellow.

Furnishings, made of natural and eco-friendly materials are the best choices for adding a natural feel, stylish look and healthy atmosphere to teenage room design.

Having a working desk is a must for any teen child. They must learn to work in a quiet workspace of their own where they can do homework and use a computer.

Stick to clean lines and modern style in choosing the desk. It should not be too heavy and must have the right ergonomic chair with it.

Boring stuff is the last thing any growing  child would like. So try to collect and let them also pick up interesting accessories, which match their hobbies and interests.

Accessorising with their tastes in mind is a must. Let them join you in the project.

If the boy is a cricket buff, let him collect cricket paraphernalia and so on. If the girl likes sewing, let her collect craft items and pieces of her choice, which can also inspire her.

Try to incorporate items that are functional as well - say, pencil and folder holders, reading lamps and the like.

From wall stickers and murals to fun pillows and travel souvenirs, there are many ways to add interest and personalise teenage bedroom design and décor, turning a room into a dream space that can be enjoyed alone or with friends.

Try to place an inspiring artwork or a large fabric-framed pin board, which can serve as a notice board for them.

They can also pin up their favourite notes or photos on it. You can also get some favourite photographs blown up and turned into a canvas, or put a collage of pictures into a digital photo frame.

Lighting and maintenance

Be sure to include multiple kinds of lighting in a kid’s room. Overall lighting is a necessity, but so is a reading light.

So you must look for a reading lamp to be placed at their study desk.

Also, a night lamp to guide them in the middle of the night is a good idea.

Look for contemporary lighting fixtures in funky bright colours as they take away the drab and boring look.

De-clutter regularly. It is advisable to keep one colourful cardboard box in their room and tell them to fill it up with stuff they do not need – like clothes, shoes, books, games.

If they do this on a weekly basis, you will not have the harrowing task of cleaning their cupboards.

De-cluttering is as important as decorating.