Technologies that IT Inc will be banking on in 2010

Technologies that IT Inc will be banking on in 2010

For technology companies the year 2010 is poised to build on the strength of trends and technologies already in place like cloud computing, virtualization, mobility, green IT etc. However, major priorities of the enterprises for adoption of these will be based on the business benefit on the investments made.

Cloud computing

According to experts, the foremost technology companies would try to adopt in 2010 would be cloud computing which helps enterprises to check on cost and create and add new capabilities without investing on new infrastructure or training personnel or licensing new software. Cloud computing and applications on cloud is capable of providing scalable pay per use platform for enterprise IT applications and has created huge potential for adoption of cloud computing. The cloud application also helps small and medium business in creating an IT infrastructure with minimum investment.

"Over next several years, enterprise demand will lead to maturity in cloud computing solutions, especially with respect to virtualisation techniques, risk management and pricing models.

Over next three years most enterprises will use a mix of public and private cloud computing, with more money being spent on private cloud computing, as it requires investment in new equipment and infrastructure," opines Symphony Services Chief operating Officer Amitava Roy.


Another technology is virtualisation, which, though in place, Indian companies were slow to embrace. However, in 2010 India Inc will see more and more adoption of virtualisation to leverage applications like desktop and server virtualisation. According to industry experts major challenges faced by companies in adopting this will be creating right strategies and implementation of technologies that help them to manage the IT infrastructure.

“The cloud model and underlying technologies such as virtualisation have been largely tried out in converting ‘Infrastructure’ into a ‘service.’ The next level of evolution is taking this to platform and application level. Enterprises will begin to re-architect their legacy application portfolio to suit this new virtualised environment,” Patni Computer Systems Executive Vice President Satish Joshi pointed out.

Mobile technology

Enterprises also see developing mobile platform and mobile applications as huge trend and opportunity to bank on in 2010. Change in lifestyle among the youth and urge for easy and faster means of communication has also created demand for mobile and connected ecosystem.

“Computing and communication convergence and fixed mobile convergence have made mobile device powerful and many innovative solutions have been initiated to assist mobile users. Enterprises are looking forward to have most of their applications that can run on mobile,” opines Cognizant AVP — Global Technology Office R Viswakumar.

Other growing trend ahead will be adoption of digital media as most persuasive medium to reach customers, employees and other business needs. According to Cisco India & SAARC National Sales Manager, Unified Communications Minhaj Zia “social media today is versatile; it draws viewers in whether the content is marketing, personal, training, advertising, or entertainment materials.

More and more organisations are using digital media to deliver timely and targeted communications, which is creating a new kind of customer experience and facilitating business transformation. Digital media also brings both intimacy and immediacy to communications.”

The increase in mobile computing and deployment of IT-enabled business solutions has created huge demand in IT security solutions. A rise in phishing attacks and increased incidents of data leakage have made companies increase their investments in security.

“Data being most crucial asset for any organization, the security model needs to evolve and upgraded. Companies are also looking at security solutions at minimum investments,” said Datacraft COO Shailendra Badoni.

Green IT

IT firms across the world are aware of pressing need for going green and have started adoption of solutions that are green.  Though the move is to save money and improve performance and become environmental friendly, green solution and green products are becoming the buzz word in the technology arena.

To reduce the carbon footprint, more and more adoption of environmental friendly and green technologies will be seen. Many IT companies have already started planning new strategies and green campaign. Apart from these, experts see huge potential for verticals like healthcare, aerospace, retail and telecom in 2010.

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