Chopped body case: Barber arrested

Chopped body case: Barber arrested

Winning in a game of cards way too often than usual had proved costly for a hospital ward boy whose body was found chopped and disposed of in three different places in south Delhi a couple of days ago.

A barber has been arrested in connection with the brutal murder that came to light on Sunday with the discovery of two bags in Dakshinpuri.

One of the bags contained his lower limbs while the other had his torso.
The head was discovered from Jamia Nagar the next day and police were able to identify the victim with the help of his father.

Barber Mehboob Ali, 37, has told police that he was clueless about how to dispose the victim’s body after he killed him at his salon.

“Ali’s brother Nazir is a criminal in Uttar Pradesh. Ali asked him for help dispose of the body. Together they chopped the body and disposed the parts,” said a police officer. He added that a team has been sent to UP to nab Nazir.

Ali and the victim Yogesh, 23, often played “teen patti” at the salon. Yogesh lost most of the games against Ali.

“For the last two days before his murder, Yogesh suddenly began winning almost all the games because of which Ali suddenly ended up owing much money. That left Ali angry,” the officer said.

On Wednesday night, the two were consuming alcohol at Ali’s shop after yet another game which Yogesh won.

Yogesh was boasting about his winning spate when Ali suddenly banged his head to the head rest of the barber’s chair on which he was seated, said the officer.

The victim fell unconscious immediately after which Ali allegedly slit his throat. Not knowing what to do with the body, he downed the shutters of his shop and sent his wife and children to his native place in Uttar Pradesh.

He then approached his brother Nazir who helped chop the body, place the parts in different bags and dispose them of in different areas.

Police said the decision to throw the head quite far from the other body parts was Nazir’s. The other two bags containing the lower limbs and torso were found a short distance from each other.

Ali then disappeared from his home. Upon questioning by police, his neighbours said Ali was last seen with the victim at his shop. Ali was nabbed on Monday and the weapon used to chop the body was recovered at his instance.