Homeopathy sub-group won't be recognised now

The state government has directed the Delhi Medical Council not to recognise electrohomeopathy as a branch of medicine.

This comes after the medical council repeatedly approached the Directorate of Health Services, Delhi to put strict orders in place to keep away quacks from treating patients.
The electrohomeopathy practitioners were also found indulging in prescribing allopathy medicines, which is illegal.

However, there is no order from the government yet if a college giving out such degrees should be shut down.

The DHS is also planning to issue an advisory on its website to create awareness among citizens that an electrohomeopathy degree is unrecognised and that such degree-holders cannot treat patients, said a source in the DMC.

In the past four years, there has been a considerable rise in the number of quacks who claim to be electrohomeopathy specialists when called to the DMC to explain how can they practice medicine as they do not have recognised degrees. The DMC sees four to five such cases every month in its anti-quackery meeting, said a DMC senior official.

The DMC found it difficult to counter these so-called doctors because of lack of guidelines on the issue. There is no specific data on the number of practising electrohomeopathy specialists. “The NEHM (Naturo Electro Homeopathy Medicos) college at Janakpuri is handing out degrees of electrohomeopathy. It has become difficult to curb their practice as they claim they have recognised degrees. We approached the DHS after we saw the rising trend of such unchecked practice. In a recent order, the DHS said the practice of electrohomeopathy is non-permissible in Delhi,” said Dr Girish Tyagi, Registrar, DMC.

With what they call is a qualifying degree in the stream of electrohomeopathy, the practitioners also form a considerable chunk of quacks who are indulging in crosspathy of medicine.

“In most of the cases referred to the DMC, the electrohomeopathy practitioners were found prescribing allopathy medicine. Any doctor practicing allopathy has to be registered with the state medical register,” said Dr Tyagi.

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