Calendar 2010 in one single sheet!

Calendar 2010 in one single sheet!

Calendar 2010 in one single sheet!

M Y Dodamani, member of the Karnataka Language Commission has been practising and fine tuning the art of preparing the Gregorian calendar on a single sheet of paper.

For 25 years, the former Pre-University Board deputy director has been maintaining the format for people who can cut down on the use of paper for looking at dates and months.

“Common man remains the main focus. But more importantly it is meant for the bureaucrats who can plan their tours and check lists based on the single sheet of calendar that occupies a little space on their table,” said Dodamani.

The daunting task of ensuring that the 365 days of each year are produced on a single sheet of paper seems to be a piece of cake for this veteran. Since 1969, Dodamani has been categorising the 31 dates that fall on the same day of the week every month, every year.

On one sheet of paper comes the schedule for the entire year and it is categorised into respective months and days on which it falls.

To look up for a particular date, one can simply go to a particular row and column and you have your plan in place even if it is towards the end of the year. 

In the early days, Dodamani would take 10 days to complete the making of the calendar and today he can finish the task in less than a week.