Let's face it!


Let's face it!

But what happens when kids get a friend request from mommy and daddy dearest. Do they accept? If they accept, do parents go on limited profile? If they're on limited profile, what do they get to see? Many youngsters were anxious at the thought of their parents being on Facebook. But while some admitted they would reject a ‘friend request’ from their parents, others said they wouldn’t in case it hurt their feelings. Metrolife talks to youngsters in the City to get their views.

Raunaq Singh

“Luckily for me I haven't been faced with that dilemma yet, since my parents are not on Facebook. But if they were to join and send me a friend request, I wouldn’t accept it. On the other hand I wouldn’t reject it either and hurt their feelings so I would just let the request hang in cyberspace and pretend it wasn’t there. My parents know enough about me already so they don’t really need to be on Facebook and read all the stuff we tend to put out there for fun!”

Tanviya Sapru

‘‘I have no issues if my mother becomes my friend on Facebook. She knows all my friends and what I’m upto most of the time. And she is cool with it. If she happened to read the stuff that my friends and I put out there, she wouldn’t really mind because she is pretty chilled out and not too nosy!’’

Prinston Pereira

“It’s not exactly cool, but it’s okay to accept parents as friends on Facebook. Facebook has recently updated its privacy setting in such a way that a user can control what he or she wants to share, and with whom he or she wants to share it with. So parents can be limited or blocked from viewing what is not meant for them.”

Samaneh Jawad

“I don’t think that my parents are keen on joining Facebook in the first place. But if they did join and then send me a friend request the only way to handle it is to accept them as friends and then delete them pronto! Social networking sites are meant to be cool hangout cyberspaces for kids, parents becoming friends just changes the whole equation!”

Rachita, Student

“My mom is my friend on Facebook already. I don’t mind because she is not too nosy and does not really snoop around much. She kind of respects my privacy and gives me space.”

Lygia Corriera,  Student

“My mom is not really a Facebook buff and I don’t think she is too keen on reading the stuff that is written on it. Should she join Facebook, I wouldn’t mind accepting her as a friend!” 

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