Change for new age

‘Change is Rule of Nature, It cannot be Avoided’. Today, change has become so rapid that some people, especially professionals, have to keep a constant watch on the emerging trends and have to be perpetually prepared to gear up in order to keep pace with change.

As a consequence of keeping themselves in high gear over a long period of time, many feel rapid changes shake up their nerves and are physically and mentally so exhaustive and taxing, as a result of which life has become more of a problem than a pleasure. However, we must not have an impression that every change is an anathema. No!!

Contrary to common belief, change is generally a welcome feature of life and stagnancy is always considered as boring. It is rapidity and high frequency of change or the enormity of change that forces responsible people to miss the necessary physical and mental rest, and keeps them always on the move causing them worry. But the question that arises is: what has led to this condition of rapid and ever-growing change?

Obser­vation and analysis tell us that it is science and technology that are responsible for this predicament, as they compel an individual to lead an increasingly faster life in a highly competitive world.

They force people to move like machines which, too, are moving faster day by day and are changing enormously in design and functions. But, if we go deeper into the problem, we would find that science and technology are, in fact, at the service of mankind. 

Therefore, it is man who decides what kind of gadgets and goods he requires and at what pace, and not vice versa. A thorough analysis would lead us to the conclusion that the current situation that is leading us either to tension or depression or the short-lived pleasure is due to our own consumerist attitude, which is geared mainly to cater to man's indulgence in sensual pleasure or comforts.

We tend to forget that in actual sense it is the spiritual outlook that brings contentment to our mind and stability to our life. In order to bring a change in this callous attitude and wrong lifestyle, we need to reform our mind by adopting a spiritual attitude through a spiritual set of values or what is called ‘Spiritualism’, which is a turnaround of thoughts and a way of living. 

Today, those people trying to cope with change without bringing change in their mindset, value system and lifestyle through spirituality have really missed the message of the wise.

Therefore, its high time, we as a society, realise that simplicity of lifestyle by embracing spiritual values alone would be the remedy to the present precarious situation that would empower us to manage rapid change with vigour and enthusiasm. So let’s be the change and lead humanity towards a new age.

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