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Why the unholy hurry?

Transport and Bangalore in charge Minister Mr R Ashok, has said that the state Government will bring an ordinance to Akrama/Sakrama bill and implement the same as Sankranthi gift to its citizens.

This important bill was not discussed in the assembly. Governor has sent back this bill to the Government for review; Lok Ayuktha Justice Sri Santhosh Hegde has also expressed his reservation on regularization in present form. Many resident welfare associations and citizen action groups have opposed the bill. If this is the scenario, one does not understand why our state Government is in hurry to bring the ordinance without a public hearing and envisage suggestions .It looks like with this ordinance the Government will collect penalties to make up Rs 4000 core financial crunch

N. Mukund

Member – Jayanagar 5th Block

Resident's Welfare Association

Citizen Action Forum




Too much on Ruchika?
The TV news channels are devoting their entire time on the Ruchika case for the last several days.Perhaps they would never like to end the debate on Ruchika case for some more days to come. Ofcourse, Rathore who molested her leading to her suicide deserves severe punishment.There can be no dispute over that.
But my question is, would all the news channels care in the same manner as they are presently doing if Ruchika had belonged to a poor family?
Innumerable minor girls and women have been subjected to molestation and rapes by the sons of the rich and powerful, including police officers in this country over the last 60 years but the media never took serious note of those incidents,because most of the victims belonged to the poorer section of the society.
Too much is being made of the Ruchika case.

 Last chance to reform
Year 2009 has been a traumatic in many ways but if one single event that can be singled out as leaving  its footprint is Ruchika's rape case which may mark as  the turning point for  giving  a final opportunity for our political masters to correct a system that has never been so violently debased where every instrumentality  of the government  conspired  to hijac  governance and held ransom to money power and influence. In this no political  party, parliament, police or even the judiciary which is the last bastion for delivering justice  have covered themselves with glory. In this the fourth estate and TV medium  has just managed to escape by the skin of their teeth for few fell from grace being tempted to print planted news of showed definite tilt straying from journalistic ethics.
H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana
229, 12th Main, 2nd Cros,
Mysore 570009

Shameful delay
On the verdict delivered  by the court in the most shameful Ruchika case, man in the street can comment only with anguish and disapointment that the culprit Rathore is a symbol of police high-handedness and its degeneration, who caused all this ruination,  geting a minor jail term of only six months which is largely symbolic, in no way commensurate with the crime he committed.
The shameful delay of the verdict by 19 years has only added insult to the injury as the punishment is small. One can say with a profound sigh that justice delayed is  justice denied.

One would have expected the Haryana State to restrain him from using influence and intimidating the witnesses. Cursed be the Haryana Governments which from Chautala to Huda took no action against the super cop and instead, rewarded him during this period with repeated promotions, even as the case against him was pending.

 Rathore had used every trick in the book to put off hearings. The case was shifted from one court to another. If Rathore has been convicted now, this is not because of India’s judiciary but because a young woman  was determined to see justice done.
Hats off to Aradhana and her parents Anand Prakash and Madhu for their  courage and tenacity pursuing the case of the late Ruchika and continuing their struggle for justice all this while.

All that shows how difficult it is to stand up against the high and mighty.It should be a wake up   call of the country’s judicial system that to see justice done should not require people to put their lives at risk. Witnesses need protection especially when they are deposing in cases against the rich and powerful.
Fast track courts are urgently required.Since corruption and delays are eating into our judicial system initiative should be taken to remove not only the rot but the blot too.

Suman Kukal
Sec 48.

Resolving Telengana issue
     The Centre has called for a meeting of eight recognised political parites of Andhra Pradesh on Jan 5 to resolve the Telengana issue. Political parties cannot be relied for they have changed their opinion more often. All those who supported for carving of a separate state has now changed their stand and support for a unified state.
So the meet is likely to yield no result. On the other hand violance and bandhs have been instigated by the political parties causing irrepairable damage to life and property.    
    Moreover it is the people  who are to decide whether to have a seperate state of Telengana by carving it out from AP.   So a referandum in the period of President's rule should be called for and a decision taken accordingly since it will be a people's verdict.
 Sravana Ramachandran,
Bombay Castle,
Ooty - 643 001.

This refers to news item: 'Bopaiah is Speaker" (DH Dec 31).  The Congress and the JD (S) MLAs creating ruckus in the august House makes unpalatable reading.

Despite knowing the fact that it is uphill task for the Congress-JD(S) to fight the election for the post of Speaker, the combine fielded senior leader T.B.Jayachandra.  Once again the combine bit the dust with the BJP nominee K.G.Bopaiah winning the election hands down was on the expected line due to the numbers his party enjoys in Assembly.  It is accepted convention in the political parties that the party which has highest number of MLAs should be elected unanimously as Speaker and the Deputy Speaker’s post to the next in command without contest.

The JD (S) is trying all the tricks under its belt to destabilize the BJP government by dragging Congress into its fold but could not succeed in its veiled attempts.  Is it not time for the Congress and the JD (S) to function as responsible opposition instead of wasting time in embarrassing BSY government on fruitless things every now and then?

III main II Stage, Rajajinagar

Unholy nexus
It is rather unfortunate that after much dilly-dallying ,the JMM and the Saffron party have joined hands to take over political reins of Jharkhand, these kind of unholy nexus, have become a routine affair in politics, first it was Madhu Koda., who ably supported by the Congress and later he was found guilty in amassing wealth.
Soren is no different from Koda, then what is the difference between BJP and Congress both are power hungry ,and are waiting to make use of the opportunity, this will only weaken the state administration, corruption will prevail,as criminals are allowed to enjoy power.
BJP has committed  a blunder by joining hands with BJP as it will pay in the long run and loose public opinion.

Inamdar Ramachandra
1st 'N' Block, Rajajinagar


Choose other destinations for studies like UK, USA

It is disappointing to note that Nitin Garg is the first Indian in Australia to have succumbed to the vicious attack. Inspite of assurances given to our external affairs minister by the Prime Minister of Australia, the recurrance of such incidents leading to death  causes concern. It is barbarious, henious and beyond any comprehension. The government in general and the student community in particular should refrain from going to Australia for further studes.   They can better choose other destinations like UK and USA to further their studies.  The government should take up the matter in an earnest effort with the Australian authorities and see that the culprits are brought to book and given their due. 

Gururajan Ramachandran,

Bombay Castle,

Ooty - 643 001.



Half truths

Journalist Akhileshwari's Article on Telengana is more of a PR exercise on behalf of the Telengana leaders. Simple logic dictates that had this been the case the people would have overwhelmingly voted for TRS. I wish she had done a thorough analysis after obtaining sufficient info rather than peddle half truths.

The truth of the matter is that Telengana people have been let down by their leaders, who looked more at their own development rather than the region. KCR has done nothing, either as a Central Minister or subsequently as a State Govt minister. As regards domination by Andhra people, nowhere it is seen or shown. As business people they expect profits from their Investments similar to MNCs from the West investing in India. Does this amount to domination? People from Telengana need to retrospect a great deal rather than destroying properties through agitation.

Kumar (gonna babu)



After the cremation of the mortal remains of the famed actor Vishnuvardhan,one of the news channels was carrying the following words below the bizbar " sahasasimha Vishnuvardhan panchaboothagalalli leena".

This set my philosophical mind wandering. I converted the Kannada word "leena" to English "lien". We speak of lien on property, lien on post, lien on service, etc. But, we hardly realise that after all these are instances of temporary lien.

In the ultimate analysis all of us have a permanent lien only in the "Panchaboothas"-- the five elements of earth-- and nothing else.

K.R Jayaprakash Rao

Theobald Road,

Nazarbad, Mysore--570010



Check track record

Before attacking the BJP for extending its support to the J.M.M.s Shibu Soren in forming the government of Jharkhand, the Congress should have cross-checked its own track record under similar situations in the past. It was the State of Kerala a few years ago, which saw the power hungry Congress forging an alliance with the Muslim League to grab the throne in the southern State. A strong wave of widespread criticism from across the country did not deter the 125 years old party from joining hands with a rabid communal outfit.

Arun Malankar,

St Sebestian Classic CHS,

Sunder Nagar, Kalina, Santa Cruz (E),

Mumbai 400098

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