Earn blessings for a safe life

Nobody wants to be ever cursed. Do we? Because the word ‘curse’ itself creates a very strong response when one perceives it. We live our whole life with a particular thought in the back of our mind that while we bid good bye to this world, we should be full clean and free from curses (if any). As children we have heard stories about windfalls and curses.

Scriptures narrate stories of sages and holy men who had acquired miraculous powers through dedication and penance. It is said that if they were annoyed, with one angry look or word, they could curse someone who would suffer for long; or if they were pleased with someone, they could also bless them.

In today’s word, one wonders if these blessings or curse really influence our lives? Do we humans possess such powers of giving boons and curses?

Can boons turn into curses and vice versa? The answers to these questions require a thorough understanding of the phenomena. In simple terms, blessings bestow some special power or protection upon a person.

Some blessings last forever, some work for one or a few times, some work only in a special situation or at the time of a great need, and some are absolutely conditional. A stroke of good luck, a streak of genius, a long innings of success, etc, are all considered as a sacred sign by God-fearing persons.

But a blessing automatically becomes a curse for the person if it is misused under the influence of lust, greed, anger.There are several stories that explain how a curse was undone by the blessing of the Almighty when the suffering person repented and prayed to him.

This shows that a seemingly unending phase of misfortune and suffering can be resolved by performing righteous actions and by devoting oneself to the Almighty’s service.

We all know “what we sow, so we reap”. Hence, blessing is the reward of benevolent deeds and curse the result of bad deeds. A curse befalls the one who tries to harm others. So, if at all anybody feels harmed, it is because of giving/ causing pain to others.

One can earn the greatest boons if one lives by the Almighty’s will and serves others selflessly. By being soul-conscious and being aware of one’s own eternal spiritual identity and innate divine qualities, we can express and share the best within us and thus constantly earn benefits through blessings.

On the other hand, when we are body-conscious - attached to our temporary physical identity and status, we tend to become influenced by vices, which result in immorality, deprivation and sufferings.

When we use force, violence, deception and exploitation, we get cursed. We must always remember exploiters always get exploited; fury burns the one who is furious. So, the simplest and best way to get blessings and remain safe from curses is by maintaining purity of mind and compassionate feelings, thereby generating an unconditional love for all.

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