Keeping warm with food

Keeping warm with food

Keeping warm with food

Winters are a hard time to stay healthy. Added to the bout of illnesses, keeping fit becomes a challenge.

People are lazy even to head to the gym. One question that haunts everyone is what are the foods to be eaten that keep one warm and yet do not make them gain weight.

You can try these foods that have diet-induced thermo genesis, which help keep you healthy and warm in winters.

Whole grains and pulses: Now is the best time to include a good amount of whole grains and different pulses in your plate. Create your own recipes with wheat, rice, millets, bajra, oats, maize, corn, beans, soy and other lentils.

Fresh soup: It is advisable to have soups at night. It could be spinach,
carrot, tomato or lentil soup. Soups and stews are healthy. It is good to have leafy vegetables like saag, and bathua (amaranth leaves). Saag and roti made of corn (makki) is a great combination.

Green vegetables: Rich sources of iron help improve haemoglobin levels. It is also a tradition to make pickles of vegetables like carrot, cauliflower, turnips and the like in winters.

Fruits: Winter fruits like guava and oranges are good sources of Vitamin C and help in fighting cold and flu. Carrots, pumpkins and amla turnips are also good sources of Vitamin C.

Herbs and spices: All the ingredients of garam masala keep the body warm. Nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, garlic, turmeric and cloves are very good. All these not only keep the body warm, but have other benefits, too.

Ginger and garlic fight cough, cold, flu and sinus. Besides, these are decongestants, which also fight against infections.

Nuts and seeds: It’s a must to have nuts and seeds to keep the body warm and healthy. That is why, traditionally, almonds, cashews and pistachios are distributed during Diwali, which is the onset of winters. Similarly, walnuts, figs, sesame seeds and flax seeds are nutrition-packed foods.

(The author is personal fitness trainer & owner, Fitnesolution, New Delhi)

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