A day out with cute pals

A day out with cute pals

Animal-lovers flocked in hordes to the ‘Pet Santhe’ held at Jayamahal Palace over the weekend.

Organised by Blue and White, the event was not a competition like the other dog shows, but a platform for all pet-owners to showcase their pets. It had an array of birds, dogs, cats, and fish and a host of games for those who wanted to have a little fun.

    On entering the venue, one was greeted by dogs of various breeds like cocker spaniels, labradors, St Bernards, Siberian huskies, retrievers and pugs. Visitors were free to interact with the owners and play with the pets. Most of them were spotted posing and taking selfies with the pets.

The pet owners, who were coming for the first time, had a great experience at the event. Abhishek and Ekta had come for it for the first time with Shadow, an adorable two-and-a-half month old golden retriever, and were quite excited to be a part of the show.

    “We love pets, be it dogs, birds or fish,” explained Abhishek. “In fact, when Shadow was even smaller, I used to come from office four times a day to feed him. Now, I come twice!” he added.

    Ekta agreed as she pointed out, “There is nothing like the warm welcome you get from dogs after a long hard day’s work.”

Another cute little furry being was Amigo, an energetic two-and-a-half-year old cocker spaniel. “I take care of it like I take care of my sons. I probably care for it more,” explained Mahesh, the owner. Agreed Abhishek from S Companies, a kennel that was displaying a toy poodle, “The friendlier we are to them, the happier they are,” he said.

Further inside was the section of exotic pets, all of which were from the Wet Pets store on Infantry Road. Gulab, the owner of the store, said, “We have been in the business for three generations now and have exotic pets like fancy pigeons, hamsters and domesticated animals like cats. We got a great response last year at the one-day show and since it’s a two-day event this time, we hope to get an even better response.”

    His advice to pet owners was to read up as much about pets as possible before
having one. “Keep them in a spacious place and feed what is appropriate. For instance, parrots love playing with toys so give them that,” he added.

Five of the cats on display were owned by Noor Jahan Anees. Most of these were prize winners and one was a Norwegian forest cat. “I always tell people to have a pet. Whenever you are stressed, spend time with them and you tension will just vanish.

But don’t put them in a cage or tie them or leave them with the servants. Ensure that they are taken care of well. Leave them in a good home,” she informed.
Visitors at the event were a delighted lot. Said Amit Bahirat, a professional who had come for the show with his friends, “One usually sees a lot of dog shows happening in the City. But here you can see a lot of pets and that’s what is great about the event.”