'Farmers suicide on rise since BJP came to power'

'Farmers suicide on rise since BJP came to power'

'Farmers suicide on rise since BJP came to power'

Former prime minister H D Deve Gowda alleged, the number of farmers suicide has increased in the country after BJP came to power at the Centre.

About 105 farmers suicide cases have been reported from Gujarat alone.An affidavit has been submitted to the Supreme Court in this regard, he said.

Addressing a press meet, after attending a private programme here, on Sunday, Gowda said, his efforts to explain the status of the farmers of the State during the Winter Session of the Parliament turned futile.

Though he had sought permission from the Speaker to speak about the plight of farmers in the Session, it was not considered. After a few days, he again sought permission under Act 193 as he was a former prime minister, it was also not considered.

Though he has been seated in the first row, as he was a former prime minister, he was not given an opportunity to speak. “Should I attend the Parliament session just for Rs 2,000 allowance?” he questioned.  

Pointing out the rumours that his Hassan stay has come to an end in a month, Gowda said, he was in Delhi attending the Winter Session. Later, he was involved in sorting out party issues and strengthening the party. He will visit Hassan on January 7 and 9, Gowda said.


Reacting to the statements issued by national parties on reaching one crore membership in the state, he said, a family means at least five persons.

If the head of the family gets membership of a party, the rest votes for the same party. So, each party should get five crore votes, which is the population of the whole State, he ridiculed. Commenting on BJP president Amit Shah’s visit to the State, Gowda said,  it will not make any difference.