II PU students told to study full syllabus, just ahead of exams

II PU students told to study full syllabus, just ahead of exams

II PU students told to study full syllabus, just ahead of exams

The recent circular of the department of PU education regarding second PU science (PCMB) students’ preparation for the final exams according to the full NCERT syllabus has put them in a fix.

The students have been succinctly told to prepare according to NCERT syllabus, by not restricting to the ‘blow-up of syllabus’, just two months ahead of the board exams.

The blow-up syllabus was prepared for science students in particular, during the previous academic year, as they found it difficult to cope with the newly-introduced CBSE syllabus.

The circular from the office of the director, PU education, on December 31, 2014, states ‘Following the opinion of subject experts, it has been decided to drop the blowup syllabus designed the previous year. Henceforth, the question paper for preparatory exams has to be framed on the module of full NCERT syllabus.

The guidelines followed for preparing the questions for the annual exams also should be followed here. The students should be given suitable directions in this regard’.

According to a Chemistry lecturer, not just the students, the faculty is in a state of confusion as it would be difficult to comply with the sudden change.

The chapters left out as per the blowup syllabus will have to be taught, a cumbersome exercise at this stage.

It would be problematic for rural students, who are already overburdened with the existing syllabus, said a student of a government college.

A principal attached to a residential college called it untimely as the exam timetable is already announced. The practical exams for Science students are scheduled to start soon. It will be followed by the annual exams from March 12. It will take another 20 hours to 30 hours to cover the left out chapters.

When contacted, joint director of exams claimed innocence over any such development. He promised to discuss the same with the director.