'Aim is to take everyone along'

'Aim is to take everyone along'

'Aim is to take everyone along'

Virat Kohli may not have been officially appointed as the permanent captain of the Indian Test team yet but that’s just a formality now. And the 26-year-old is well aware of the pitfalls the position brings along with its fame.   

“I love my hair and I don’t want to lose them,” joked Kohli when asked about what he made of his job in the light of Dhoni going slightly bald from sporting long manes during his seven-year stint as captain. “I know fully well how much pressure and expectation there will be so I will try not to stress myself and enjoy this role. This role is as tough or as easy as how well your team is playing or how bad it is playing.

My first aim is to take everyone along as captain and if everyone is working in the same direction, that will be very satisfying. This team is quite exciting and I expect a lot of good things from this team in future,” he said.

Kohli admitted Dhoni’s decision to quit stunned the team. “We didn’t expect it,” he said. “We were just in the dressing room, changing and packing and he said all this. It was as big a surprise for us as it was for you. We were stunned. We didn’t see it coming and it was shocking at that point for us. We didn’t know what to say because it was a very emotional moment for him. We as youngsters started under his captaincy and it was a very strange moment for us also,” he offered.

Kohli said he always picked Dhoni’s brains. “He is with the squad and he is at practice as well. Obviously his input is valuable and I try to take it all the time because he has a lot of experience in international cricket. Taking ideas from him is always an advantage and I will continue to do so whenever I feel the need. There is so much to learn from him especially in tough situations, his composure and his decision making at important times.

“These things are priceless and any captain would love to have them. I hope I can be as calm as him. Everyone has different style, but as long as you can pick the positives from everyone, that’s how you improve every day. So I know what skills he had as captain and will always try to pick his brains when I can.”

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