Mandya CMC: Preparations afoot for no-confidence motion

Mandya CMC: Preparations afoot for no-confidence motion

The recent developments regarding the Mandya City Municipal Council (CMC) president’s post is taking interesting turns, with efforts being made to topple the incumbent, Siddaraju.

While a group is firm on supporting Siddaraju, other councillors are keen on removing him for ‘failing to keep his word’.

Siddaraju, an Independent councillor, was made president by Congress members with a rider that he should resign after 15 months. However, with Siddaraju refusing to step down, Housing Minister Ambarish is being pressurised to ensure that Siddaraju keeps his word.

Earlier, when Congress members demanded Siddaraju’s resignation, he, along with 18 councillors, had met Ambarish and succeeded in convincing the later to continue as president.

However, Congress councillors now say that even the minister is against Siddaraju’s continuance as president. During a recent meeting on the issue, chaired by Ambarish, there was a war of words between the councillors, forcing the minister to walk out.

Congress councillors, led by Amaravathy Chandrashekar, a close aide of Amabrish, have started collecting signatures to press for a vote of no-confidence. Ten Congress members and five Independents have already signed for the same, sources said.

Chandrashekar said, Siddaraju should have stepped down as per the agreement. “Allowing him to continue will send a wrong message to the party cadres. So, we have decided to press for a no-confidence motion,” he said.
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