Moving forward

Moving forward

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Gati Dance Forum pulled out all the stops to bring IGNITE, a contemporary dance festival with performances throughout the metropolitan area.

Delhi Metrolife managed to catch up with contemporary dancer Rahul Goswami and his live music cohort Parikshith Gargyan before they broke into a jig and a song. Goswami, who has been dancing for nine years now, initially started moving to the strains of Bollywood tunes for the first two years before feeling the need to venture on to newer pastures. A little research allowed him to stumble upon the world of contemporary dance, which intrigued him incessantly. Dabbling in the world of contemporary brought the realisation that contemporary is much more than mere steps and choreography. To Goswami, it is the way we breathe, the way we move and the way we live. A lot can be derived even from things as menial as daily activities to put into contemporary dance and therein lies its real beauty – in the ability to see artistry where it might normally go unnoticed. The duo also spoke about the metamorphosis that they have been through; from performing on stages in auditoriums to starting ‘The Real Road Project’, a consortium of 10 artists who are picked one by one to perform at different locations in front of an
unspecified crowd.

“To me it feels like a stronger challenge because there is no particular plan as to how we are going to go about our routine. We prefer going to the site and then absorbing all that we can in an attempt to draw as much inspiration as possible, which is later laced into the sinew of our performances” was Goswami’s take.

Gargyan went on to mention that, with the live performances they could not only engage the audience with their melody and moves but also interact with them whilst they perform. As one saw them go about their performance, one could see their passion exude. While there are many an aficionado, one cannot help but wonder whether the contemporary dance form can be taken seriously by the masses. Here’s hoping it does, for Goswami and Gargyan’s sake, at least.