Mymul increases size of crates to check milk packets

Mymul increases size of crates to check milk packets

Effective from Jan 16, it has helped the union address woes; agents unhappy

Mymul increases size of crates to check milk packets

Mysore Milk Union Limited (Mymul) has increased the size of its crates starting from Friday with the sole intention of checking broken Nandini milk packets at the time of supply.

However, the rider, mandating that agents be present at the designated spots at the time of unloading, has not gone down well with the traders.

According to the circular issued by the Mymul Manager (Marketing), on January 12, new milk crates were introduced from January 16 to distribute Nandini milk.

The new crates are bigger and are in uniform colour, and they are replacing the old ones to milk packets don’t get damaged while being transported. The circular adds that the traders of the union be present in person at the time of delivery and make sure that the crates are bereft of broken packets.

President of Mysore and Chamarajanagar Nandini Milk Traders Association, H Kumar said introduction of bigger crates was a welcome move, but added that the condition laid by Mymul, was unscientific. It would cause the traders a great deal of inconvenience, he added.

“Earlier there were chances of packets being damaged as the crates were arranged vertically. The increase in size will ensure that there will be adequate gap between the crates, as the quantity remains the same -- 24 half litre packets or 12 one litre packets in each crates. So there is no need for the agents to be present at the time of delivery,” he said.

Kumar said that the Association was convening a preliminary meeting on January 17 at Vokkaligara Sangha, Chamundipuram to discuss the matter.

When contacted Manager (Marketing) Rajashekar Murthy said that Mymul had taken the step to redress the complaints of damage in packets, resulting in the leakage of milk.

The height of the crates has been increased from the existing 160 mm to 168 mm. The new system, he said, had been a success, as, on Friday, of the 35,000 liters of milk supplied from 6 am to 4 pm, only three packets were found to be damaged. Earlier, the number of broken packets everyday would vary anywhere between 200 and 500.

Before effecting the change, a preliminary meeting of agents, distributors and contractors was convened to apprise them with the same, said Murthy, who had just returned from personally monitoring the supply routes.

Mymul caters to both Mysuru and Chamarajanagar districts under Mysore and Chamarajanagar Districts Cooperative Milk Producers Societies Union Ltd, supplying around 2.5 lakh litres of milk per day, besides 35,000 litres of curd, through 1,320 agents, including 1,120 in Mysuru district alone. The milk is supplied from nights to mornings, and morning to evening hours.
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