Impressed by the subject

Impressed by the subject

Breaking stereotypes

Impressed by the subject

Sandalwood actress Ramya Barna, who is busy with various projects, is excited about her latest project ‘Shree Sathyanarayana’. The young actress, who will be portraying the role of a wealthy young girl in the movie, says that this is the first time that she has worked in such a project.

“This film is a religious one. But that doesn’t mean that the people are dressed as gods and goddesses or it has a mythological story. It a modern take on what religion is and explains the values we have picked up from religion. I was impressed by the subject and liked what I heard. And since I hadn’t done something like this earlier, I went for the role,” she says.

The young actress plays the role of a rich girl in the movie. “But unlike the stereotypical young children in a rich family, I’m not a spoilt brat. My character is not someone who is spoilt for choice. She is humble and down-to-earth. She visits the temple everyday. I portray a nice girl in the movie,” she says with a smile.

Ramya, who plays a girl who falls in love with a priest’s son in the film, says that Harish Raj, who is the director and hero of the movie, wanted her to play the role. “He wanted me to portray the role and I was expected to wear only ‘churidar’ and sari’. This was to make me look like someone who is very rooted to our culture and tradition,” she says.

Ramya says that there was not much of a change in her look. “While I was allowed to play myself, I had to add traditional elements to the role. I selected my own clothes and even wore certain things from my own wardrobe. It was all about mix and match,” says Ramya, who is often seen in western wear. She adds that she likes Indian wear. “I like dressing up. I like wearing bangles and ‘bindi’ sometimes. Some people have told me that I look nice in Indian wear,” she says.

Like many other performers, she always looks for variety and doesn’t want to be stereotyped. “I am always looking for something that is different from what I have done earlier. I chose to do this film because of its subject. I haven’t been a part of such a concept before. There is a beautiful message at the end of the movie,” she says. “I’m sure that people will be able to relate to the movie and will take back something from it.” She says that she is close to the character she portrays. “I stand by my values and principles,” she adds. 

Values like the importance of speaking the truth and respecting elders, keep one connected to one’s tradition, she says. “There are a lot of things that I learnt from the film. I’m not someone who visits the temple everyday but I am spiritual. I believe that it is important for one’s heart to be clean and they are able to face themselves in the mirror at the end of the day.”