No room for negligence

No room for negligence

Security concerns

No room for negligence

With Republic Day around the corner, the security in the City has clearly been spruced up. But most Bengalureans feel that more needs to be done. More so after the blast that occurred on Church Street on December 28.

People also point out that when Hoysalas and Cheetahs were first introduced, there was a sense of security in the City. But today, they say not many Hoysalas or Cheetahs are seen patrolling.

Ashwin Kumar, a businessman, says that he sees Hoysalas and Cheetahs occasionally dart across the street. “There is a sense of security when we see them patrolling in the area we live in. Though I don’t see them around too much, whenever there is an emergency, I do see them around the place,” he says.

Anju Thaliath, an advocate and banker who lives in JP Nagar, says that the emergency numbers of the police control room are always either out of order or the calls go unanswered. “The emergency numbers are indirectly related to Hoysalas as well. But nobody answers the calls. I have seen Hoysalas move around in the areas which have IT companies and the houses of VVIPs. But what about the other parts of the City?” she asks.

But there are those who feel otherwise.

Vandana Supriya, a dancer and a resident of Dollars Colony, says both Hoysalas and Cheetahs are very active in her area. “They are helpful and we need them to ensure that the City is safe. But what’s unfortunate is that they become active only after a crime takes place and that alertness dies down after a while,” she states. Vandana feels that there should be strong and continuous vigil at all times.

A senior police officer with the law and order division of Bangalore City Police informs that there are 184 Hoysalas in the City.

He adds that they don’t stay put at a particular point. “You don’t see them because they are constantly on the move.

The entire city is divided into seven law and order zones. Each police station is given one or two Hoysalas and four Cheetahs depending on how sensitive the area is,” he informs.

He further states that every Hoysala has two constables and one inspector. “They have the power to initiate action against the accused when they arrive at the spot. Most Hoysalas attend to petty crimes such as quarrels between spouses, siblings and incidents of chain-snatching,” he sums up.  

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