'People support Kejriwal's vision on corruption'

'People support Kejriwal's vision on corruption'

Avtar Singh, the AAP candidate from Kalkaji constituency, says he wants to undo the ‘bad precedence’ set by the earlier MLA Harmeet Singh Kalka of the BJP-ally Shiromani Akali Dal in an interview to Ritwika Mitra. Excerpts from the interview:

You will be fighting the elections from a seat which has a sizeable Sikh population. Do you think this will help you garner support for your candidature?

The idea is to win votes across communities. The community factor may influence votes but the focus is to revise the wrongdoings of the earlier Sikh candidate (referring to BJP-ally Shiromani Akali Dal candidate Harmeet Singh Kalka). He has not worked at all during his tenure and has brought a bad name to the community. I will win the seat and set the image of the community right through my work.         

Can you elaborate on the need to revise the image?

The earlier MLA has spent only 30 per cent of the funds on public projects. How can somebody exploit public money, especially if you are aware of the living conditions of the people in the area? This is what happens with armchair leaders who have no connect with the public.

You are a resident of the constituency. You have also successfully contested the Delhi Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee polls earlier. Will this help you understand the problems of your constituency?

I know the constituency thoroughly. The constituency has several areas in which people are living in the most unhygienic conditions.

I have extensively taken videos during campaigning to put in public view the lack of basic amenities in the interiors of Govindpuri and the JJ clusters.

The constituency was a Congress stronghold for three terms. What have they done for the area?

The Congress has been playing up addition of JJ cluster flats during its tenure in the constituency. Also, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is set to hold a rally to woo voters in the JJ Colony. Do you think it will impact your possibilities of winning?

The Congress party’s inability to perform for years has damaged its image. Congress is out of the race. Nothing they do now can make a difference. People will support (Arvind) Kejriwal’s vision for anti-corruption.

What are the issues you have identified in your constituency?

There is a lack of adequate toilets in the transit camps. In the clusters and Govindpuri, sewer lines are open. The presence of mafia in the area has not facilitated any projects in the area.

Traffic congestion is another major problem starting from Kalkaji DDA. Though there is a designated bus stand, there is no proper implementation of services.

Buses park anywhere in the area. I also plan to designate auto stands for the Gramin Sewa autorickshaws playing on this stretch.

So, will people choose you as a candidate or vote for AAP with Kejriwal in mind?
People know me as a social worker in the area. They have faith in me. But yes, they will vote for Kejriwal in mind. They will, of course, choose the party.