'I want to work in some good projects'

'I want to work in some good projects'


'I want to work in some good projects'

Meghana Raj has never had so many Kannada projects in hand. But that’s not because she hasn’t been getting offers. But because she has been waiting to get the right kind of projects.

  Meghana has no regrets and says the wait has been worth it. “I am being choosy because I want to work on some good projects. None of the roles that I’ve currently signed up for are repetitive. Every character is thoroughly engaging,” she says.

The shooting for ‘Allama’ hasn’t started but Meghana was put through a series of workshops to understand how to portray the character in the best way possible. ‘Allama’ will be a period film set in the 12th century and Meghana plays the role of a dancer named Mayadevi.

“I’ve never played a character like this before. I am expected to act, talk and behave every inch like someone from that era. The director is a perfectionist, so all the actors have to master the expressions and get the dialogues right before every take. This is where the workshop really helped me understand the character better,” Meghana explains.

‘Allama’ traces the life of a mystic saint called Allama Prabhu whose life changes after Mayadevi’s entry. “My character is very stubborn and dominating. I have to portray the emotions of both arrogance and grace in equal measure and this is going to be quite an exhausting affair,” she states.  “In fact, Mayadevi’s entry builds a new bridge in the life of Allama and that changes things forever,” she adds.

  Meghana is also working on ‘Vamshodaraka’ opposite Vijay Raghavendra. “I essay the role of an educated woman who also happens to be a teacher. She works towards changing a lot of things in a tiny village that has everything in plenty except educated and well-informed people. She sets out to make a difference,” explains Meghana and joining her on a similar mission is the character of Vijay Raghavendra. “The two characters aren’t similar but their intentions blend well,” she adds.

 Meghana has almost completed shooting for ‘Antagara’ which is directed by KM Chaitanya. “It’s a multi-starrer and I play a supermodel in it. It’s not just the storyline that is unique. Every character is the story has a definite purpose and is strong in its own way,” she signs off.