Modi's abhiyaan failed here, people live in hell, says Garg

Modi's abhiyaan failed here, people live in hell, says Garg

AAP candidate Vijender Garg Vijay promises to solve the drinking water problem in Rajendra Nagar constituency and surprise his rivals by winning the election which he lost the last time by 1,796 votes.

The 55-year-old politician tells Rahul Chhabra that there is no Narendra “Modi wave” as claimed by the BJP, and by ending corruption, the AAP can solve all the fundamental problems faced by the city.

How do you look up at your rivals, including the BJP’s R P Singh who was the last legislator?

The previous legislator of the constituency is never seen among people. He is only seen on posters. He did not do any groundwork for the betterment of the people. ‘Sevak hona tha, par sevak nahi ban paeye’ (He should have devoted himself to serving the people but he failed).

What makes your party different from others?

Our party is based on truth and we are not corrupt like others. We are ‘aam aadmi’.
We want to work for the people. People have seen the work of the BJP and Congress over the last 66 years and are not satisfied with them.

Do you think the inclusion of Kiran Bedi in the BJP will affect your party?

No. Rather it will benefit us. Kiran Bedi is just an opportunist. She joined the BJP just before the elections hoping to win. Last time, when Arvindji offered her to join politics, she rejected the suggestion by claiming that politics is a dirt business.

I don’t understand what has changed now? This only Kiran Bedi and (BJP national president) Amit Shah know. People cannot trust people like her.

What is your party promising?

We do not make fake promises. We are building trust and faith among the people. Promises are made by netas. We are common men.

We will reduce the electricity bill by half, every house will get 20,000 litres of free water, prices will be controlled, women security will be enhanced by putting CCTV cameras across the city, marshals will be deputed in buses and a commando force will be raised to help women.  Traffic jams, parking problems and pollution will also be tackled.

What are you focusing on in your constituency?

First, the main issue in my area is the problem of drinking water. There’s a resettlement colony (JJ Cluster) in our constituency where women and children need to walk a kilometre to fetch water.

What about the sanitation problem?

It’s the second-most important issue. When there is no water, sanitation problem arises ultimately. You can see what good Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan has done to slums like Pandav Nagra, Kathputli Colony, Todapur Dasghara and also Sonia Gandhi Camp in Todapur. The people are living in hell.

Is Modi wave a challenge for your party?

No, not at all. The Modi wave does not exist. If there would have been a Modi wave then Kiran Bedi would not have been hastily inducted into the BJP as a chief ministerial face. The entire blame for the saffron party’s failure is going to be put on Bedi.

Do you think people of the constituency will vote for you?

Yes, definitely. Now, people do not trust the BJP and the Congress. The Congress is not in the picture as of now while the BJP will suffer due to the promises it made but never fulfiled. It’s a U-turn (central) government. They did not deliver anything in the eight months.

Then why you could not make it last time?

Last time, people could not understand us well. Congress and BJP spread irrelevant messages to people. As media showed that AAP can come up with four to eight seats,  people got underestimated.

Due to this wrong message among people, people thought they we are still developing. And, last time, we were only left with thin margin.