Today's letters

Today's letters

Wake up call

Sir, This refers to the editorial 'Criminal neglect' (DH, Jan 8). Farm scientists have sounded a timely warning of acute food crisis if the government persists in the current approach of neglecting agriculture. In a situation, where the country is already home to the largest number of hungry people, its ripple effect may have far reaching implications including food riots. Already people, including the middle class, are becoming restive about the runaway prices of essential food commodities. It is high time the government wakes up from its slumber and focuses on taking corrective measures to remedy the situation.

H R Bapu Satyanarayana

Zardari's comment

Pak President  A Zardari's effort to reinvent 1000 year. war with India (DH Jan. 8) will be  a misadventure for Pakistan. For India, Kashmir is a strong state of a strong nation. Zardari  has  acted as a mouth piece of anti-India groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Al-Qaeeda. Pak can only resort to cowardly attempts against India by sending trained terrorists across Kashmir to disturb peace temporarily. Let Zardari free his countrymen from terrorism and bring peace where innocents are dying almost every alternate day to terrorist attacks.

K R Anandagopalan
,Vinayaka Layout
Hebbal Kempapura
Bangalore 560 024.

Amar Singh's resignation
Mr Amar Singh is a maverick politician. His resignation from all party posts - it will never be known if he was edged out or he quit voluntarily - highlights another important facet of Indian political life. It used to be said that Mr.Amar Singh could be the maker and unmaker of governments. He was certainly often critical in the sealing of deals. From simple beginnings he made himself a man of wealth with a wide network of connections and with his fingers in many pies. Even his critics and enemies - and they are innumerable - could not deny that Mr Singh was a go-getter.On Mr Singh fell the mantle of a Johnny-come-lately who had become too big for his boots. Such a perception was harsh, but it came with the roles that he played.

 J. Akshobhya
Kanakadasa nagar,
Dattagally,3rd Stage,
Mysore- 570007

Amar Singh quits

This is with reference to Amar Singh quits party post appearing in DH dated 07JAN10.
SP Gen Secy Amar Singh putting in his papers is understandable. Once the family members begin to have a stake in running the organization, its stalwarts would have to think twice on the continuance. Amar Singh had to follow the foot steps of its founder member Azim Khan and later Kalyan Singh.
 However Amar Singh must honour his word when he said that he will quit politics soon after LS election. Nothing is new In family politics of Mulayam Singh's brother Ram Gopal Yadav, daughter in law Dimple and son Aklilesh Yadav wherein family reigns in supreme above the party as it happened in Shiv Sena.

Deepak Chikramane

Upgrade security

We need to seriously look at the manner of resolving terrorist situations in terms of interception, interdiction and elimination. In a recent attack in Srinagar just two terrorists held the Indian force at bay for 21 hours and killed many more armymen than their own strength.

This is similar to what happened during 26/11 when a handful of terrorists at the hotels held off  for close to more than three days the entire Mumbai police force inclusive of the NSG commandos.

 Compare this situation with what happens abroad like in the US where the fatalities happen mostly when the perpetrator goes into the building or facility but after he has holed up, the fatalities with the interception force are very minimal or practically nil. '

Thus there is a lot of scope in upgrading the ability of our interception forces to ensure minimum loss of life to the public at large and themselves. Again we call terrorist action as 'waging war against the country', if so, what prevents us from asking our Army commandos in addition to the NSG force to involve themselves in this kind of action. They are adequately trained and can be deployed around the country in their cantonments and therefore can be used as a QRT (Quick Response Team) whenever such events happen. This will effectively nullify the need for developing SWAT teams within the respective State police forces and will save a large amount of funds which  could be spent in duplicating expertise and resources.

S Kamat
Sabnis Palace Alto Betim,
Bardez Goa 403 521.

Three cheers for the Chandigarh Administration!

While Ruchika's alleged 'mighty' molester might still drag the court case for many more years, Sister Sebastina, the Principal of Sacred Heart School, Chandigarh, has been pronounced guilty by the administration rather quickly.

 In fact I was under the wrong impression that it is the prerogative of a school to condone/punish a student's irregularity, in attendance or paying of fee or its likes. From now onwards all school principals should learn it that it is no more their prerogative.

However, the fools who earlier had recommended Sister Sebastina for a State Honour, without looking into the school's 'serious' irregularities of taking its administrative decisions without seeking permission from the local Administration, must also be punished with same quickness.

 But can one expect this from the Administration that could dare not pursue a transparent enquiry against its former School DPI who was found guilty of hobnobbing with criminals of a serious job scam?

However, in future the total teaching community should beware of the administrative wrath before taking any decision even while performing its routine duties.

For instance, see that you either expel all those who are creating small troubles during an examination, or ignore even the most notorious one of them. For, you cannot act harshly to some and leniently towards others. And you might get a bolt from the blue for such a sin may be years after the incident when you are enjoying a retired life!

You must know that the age old lesson that you have been teaching that 'to err is human' applies to the Administrative High ups and Court judges alone.

However, thank God for such small mercies that no one, like The Chandigarh Administration, has ever sought for the proverbial pound of flesh from a judge/court for pronouncing a death sentence that his/its higher authority condones!

Aot Complex
Sector  48 - A
Chandigarh (Ut) - 160 047

Studying in Australia

S.M.Krishna's advice to students to go to Australia only for specialization and not for subjects which are available in our own country,has obviously not been well received by the Australian Government.
S.M.Krishna knows about overseas education much better than his Australian counterpart.
It is unfortunate that counsellors in India have not been able to provide proper advice to Indian students seeking educational opportunities abroad.
India has become a popular destination for education among many overseas students.
There is no need for our students to go to either Australia,UK or even USA to study subjects like Law,Hotel/Hospital Management,etc.
The present attacks on Indian 'students' in Australia  have resulted in souring of relations between India and Australia..Some of the Indians attacked are not students but are said to be employed there.
This goes to show that 'racism' 'regionalism' 'parochialism' etc...are raisng their ugly heads.Perhaps there are several Raj Thackerays in Australia ! The fact that Indians are displacing Australians in the employment market might not be palatable to the locals there.
The entire issue needs a sociological and economic approach rather than a political one.
Palmsprings Layout
Kanakapura Main Rd
Bangalore 560 062


Kudos to Aussie Team

 It is hard to measure the 'Killling Instinct" the Aussies, as they fought back gallantly to win the Sydney test and the series against Pakistan, their die hard approach is worth emulating. Even  though they have certain shortcomings in dealing the umpires and players, but when one looks at the other face of cricket they are really champions, as they have shown  on a number of occasions. Ponting who had a tough time in retaining his place in the squad was ably supported by his team mates. The entire team deserves all the praise for exhibiting solidarity and strengthening  the hands of skipper at crucial time.          

Inamdar Ramachandra
1st 'N' Block, Rajajinagar
Churchill Brothers controversy

The comic capers of Goa PWD Minister Churchill Alemao alleging a conspiracy every time he is pushed in to a corner have lost their amusement value. It is as if the whole world is ganging up against them whenever there are insinuations of irregularities and shows of high-handedness attributed to the Alemao-Bothers.

 Hurriedly convened press-conferences by them serve purely as platforms for the grand declaration of their innocence. Nevertheless, the holier-than-thou approach and histrionics have left none the wiser to their misdemeanors.

What machinations do the brothers see in an airline company taking offence to some seriously indecent acts by the team-members against the staff of the particular flight they were traveling by, resulting in the entire Musli Power Churchill Brothers football team being off-loaded at the Mumbai Airport?

 They now talk of proceeding legally against the airline company for maligning their fair name! The contention of Mr. Churchill Alemao that the conspiracy was hatched to demoralize the team ahead of the crucial tie against the Kolkata giants Mohun Bagan seems nothing but a figment of imagination that in turn appears to be a clever ruse to distract attention from the main issue.

 By tirelessly referring to the club and the trio of alleged trouble-mongers as big names in Indian football, it is being implied by the team management that the fame that precedes such squads is primarily responsible for the stunt by publicity seekers to cash in on the ruckus. Worst still, the team captain had the audacity to state that the whole episode occurred 'only because' he was a foreigner. What a justification!

Even otherwise, these sorts of ugly and unpleasant incidents have been keeping Goa in news lately. Politicians crossing swords with each other and resorting to ungainly tactics to stay afloat have resulted in pedestrian events being blown out of proportion. To settle scores with one's opponent, do selfish motives warrant the tarnishing of the state's fair name?  

 Pachu Menon
Supreme Bombi Plaza,
Damodar College Road,
Comba, Margao,
Goa - 403 601.

MLAs' health bill
The whooping medical bills of our past and present MLA's in Karnataka speak volumes about their caliber. This is something like a banker himself gulping down the depositor's money. There is no wonder that Government treasury is always empty at times even unable to meet it's normal expenditures towards public schools,hospitals and other institutions.It is suggested that all MLA's should get treatment only in Government run hospitals without any special considerations that too restricted only to the sitting MLAs.    

AECS Layout
3rd Main Road(Near RMS)
Bangalore-94   .
Preventing accidents
This refers to the news` 4 die in road accident near Chitradurga' ( DH 7-1-09 ). Every day we get news of such accidents. The most common things observed in accidents are
1) Accident in early morning wee hours

2) Head on Collision while overtaking
3) Involvement of heavy vehicles like truck/bus with small vehicles
 4) Overspeeding and hurry.

 Also drinking , use of mobile and music players while driving should be avoided Every person's life is precious not only for him but also for his family members. Let us not lose our life for a small mistake. Driving needs full attention, seriousness and alertness

Uttam O .Satiya
G-A Adinath Annexe
Kusgal Road
Hubli -580 023

Unfair to Gill

In any other country the former DGP of Punjab would have been recognised as a national hero for his role in demolishing the Khalistan movement.

With it's reckless killing of innocent Hindus and Sikhs of Punjab.Zia-ul Huq's plan to cut off Jammu and Kashmir from India by creating a Khalistan had almost succeeded with Gill's predessesors Bindra and Julius Ribeiro proving unequal to the job

Infact Ribeiro gave up his post after a few gun wielding Khalistanis were found standing on the wall of his quarters.It is to the great credit of Mr Gill,who worked out a counter attack strategy,which broke the back of Khalistan movement.It is frightening to think today as to what would have been our country's situation with separatists continuing their anti- national activity in J&K and Punjab in the grip of Khalistani movement.

To compare K.P.S.gill's misdemeanour with a lady IAS officer with the Rathore case is grossly unfair to the great policeman.Let there be a sense of balance in comparing a great from an ordinary,while demanding stripping Mr Gill of his medals.

6th phase, J.P.Nagar,
Bangalore 560078.


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