Darshan: Beholding the Divine

Darshan: Beholding the Divine

The word darshan literally means to behold or to see. Traditionally, when people go to temples in India, they are not supposed to pray or worship – they are supposed to have darshan. You are only supposed to behold because there is a certain energy form that you are trying to get an imprint of within you.

No prayer, no pooja, no worship, no nothing; One has to just  want to behold and be beheld by the deity.

What is the meaning of this? When you have darshan the experience, the image of the other, is happening within you. If energy forms are powerful enough, they are capable of imprinting themselves upon your system.

If you are too full of yourself, if you are too identified with things that you are not, then nothing goes in; the image just bounces off your eyeballs. But the less you are, if there is nothing much of you, this image, if it is properly taken in, imprints itself and grows within you.

This is why people want to behold the divine for a moment. Once you see something, even if you close your eyes, it is there and if you behold something with a total willingness of wanting to take that imprint into you and if you reduce yourself, then this image grows and becomes a live process; it has become a part of you.

When you will allow it to become the whole of you is just a question of when you will make yourself into nothing.

Devotees claim because of their god or goddess, their business is working wonderfully, their family is functioning very well – everything in their life is going fabulously. This is because in some way, they are taking an imprint.

A superior machine is working for you, and suddenly, you experience a different level of functioning altogether. Unfortunately, people have started praying in temples. Telling the Creator what He should do is the most idiotic thing. None of us has the intelligence to create even a blade of grass.

Then who are we to give daily advice to the one who created such a phenomenal existence? You only behold – you do not ask your divine entity for anything. You are not willing to settle for anything less than the best – you want Him.

You do not want anything less than becoming divine, so you want to take an imprint of the Divine within yourself.

 If darshan has to happen, you have to take the maximum input into you. If you are so meditative that you are absolutely not there – you are an empty house, that is a great way to behold.

But if you are in a house-full state, then it is best that you behold with utmost love and tenderness because this is when the imprint of what you see is deepest.