Togadia faces ban from Samajosthsava

Togadia faces ban from Samajosthsava

The entry of Praveen Togadia (in pic), as keynote speaker in the Virat Hindu Samajosthsava to be held at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College grounds on March 9 is likely to be banned.

According to highly placed sources, there are grim chances of him being allowed to attend the programme citing possibilities of communal disturbances in the region. However, SP Annamalai told Deccan Herald that the Deputy Commissioner would take the decision at the earliest whether to permit him or not to attend the programme.

Deputy Commissioner Dr Vishal said the issue is under consideration. However, there are several reasons that needs in depth consideration. The district administration along with police department is looking into the implications elevating the incidents in the aftermath of the programme. The decision would be taken by Saturday, he added.

Adequate security arrangements are made following the impending Virat Hindu Samajosthsava.   A procession would precede the Samajosthsava on the occasion. As many as six DySPs, 20 CPIs, 75 PSIs, 145 ASIs, 1005 HC/PC, 48 WPCs and 100 Home guards are deployed.

Additional number of police personnel from the neighbouring districts is taken for the elaborate security arrangements. The striking forces which includes 15 KSRP platoons and 24 DAR platoons are deployed. The check posts are set up at all entry points. As many as 22 check posts are set up.  Besides as many as 150 CCTV cameras is installed at strategic points. The process of installing the cameras is taken up. Police will conduct 'Nakabandhi' at sensitive areas. The fire services and ambulances are kept to face any possible emergencies.

In addition to these forces, quick response teams in the district will also be in charge of the security. A meeting was held with the Hindu organisations members, wherein they were asked to follow the decorum and were asked to follow the rules and regulations. The programme is supposed to end at 5 pm and the organizers are strictly directed to adhere to the time limits. Anyone who tries to take law into hands would be dealt sternly.

Deputy Commissioner Dr R Vishal has announced dry days from 6 am on Monday, March 9 to 6 am on Tuesday, March 10 on the occasion of Hindu Samajothsava. The sale or distribution of liquor at hotels, wine shops, bar and restaurants in and around Udupi is banned.