Bowled over by the warmth

Bowled over by the warmth

Sunitha Mitra is a Bengali and her husband Lalith Anand is a Tamilian. The couple lived in several cities across the country before moving to Bengaluru 10 years ago from Chennai. They chose Bengaluru because it offers a host of interesting work opportunities. “It was not a conscious decision to make Bengaluru our home when we first moved here. But with time, we were bowled over by the lovely weather and slowly started enjoying the company of people around as well,” says Sunitha. 

Bengaluru has a certain warmth and a peculiar rhythm about it and Sunitha and her family seem to have settled in pretty well. “The City gives you enough room to create and maintain your own space. You easily accept and adapt to its ways,” Sunitha says.

Sunitha says that she has barely lived in Kolkata for five years and moved to Chennai pretty early in life. “I did my schooling and college in Chennai but we have carried forward our Bengali culture,” she says. Sunitha says that their daughter Shruti prefers to call herself more of a Bengali, “She thinks it’s cool to be called a Bengali. She and I converse in Bengali. My daughter also knows a bit of Tamil. In fact, she shares the best of both cultures,” she adds.

Both Sunitha and her husband are good cooks. Her preparation of typical Bengali dishes such as ‘cholar dal’, ‘doi maach’ which is a fish dish and ‘aloo posto’ are popular with the members of the family. “My husband makes ‘Koshamangsho’, which is a Bengali mutton dish, better than I do. He has his signature dishes in Bengali,” she states.

She also thinks that the best part of being in Bengaluru is the food. The family doesn’t shy away from experimenting with all kinds of cuisines and makes the best of the innumerable options around them. “You have an enviable choice in both Indian and international food  — from the traditional ‘donne biryani’ to the tasty breakfast dishes that the City has to offer,” says Sunitha.

The couple hold important posts in their respective workplaces, so work is hectic through the week, literally leaving them little time to do anything else. The weekends, however, are reserved for the family. “The three of us love hanging out together. We usually catch up with our friends, over the weekend or go to the movies. It’s more of a family time,” she says. While the couple have a close circle of friends, their daughter Shruti Anand hangs out a lot with friends from school and college. 

The family has no complaints about the City but they too, like a lot of other people think the traffic in the City, is getting worse by the day. “The number of vehicles here is increasing and what’s more disturbing is the lack of discipline and respect towards fellow commuters. But I can see that the traffic police are definitely trying to enforce the rules in a strict way. That is helping only to an extent,” feels Sunitha. She thinks people here must be more sensitive when it comes to following and respecting road rules. “Like any other City, Bengaluru too has its share of problems like increasing crowd and traffic but I don’t think it is unlivable,” she adds. 

The family believes in sticking to a simple and healthy diet. They eat home-cooked food as much as they can and avoid fried and junk food. “But we have our cheat days that are usually on the weekends. That more or less takes care of all the cravings. Fresh fruits and vegetables are an integral part of our diet,” she explains. 

The family lives on Bannerghatta Road and says there is ample space for them to walk in the apartments. “My daughter and I usually walk around the spaces within the apartment complex. This not only helps us stay fit but gives us a lot of time to spend together,” she says.  

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