Increase of judges' age limit opposed

Increase of judges' age limit opposed


K N Puttegowda, President, Advocates Association of Bangalore, who has been appointed President, KSAAPSA, said that the association in its first resolution dated 9, January, 2010 had decided to oppose the proposed increase in retirement age of the judges to 65 and 68 for the High Court and 62 and 65 for Apex Court.

The association has resolved to seek an amendment to the Notary Act. “At present the licence is lifetime. But it would be ideal for advocates who are physically-challenged if it is reduced to ten years,” he said.


He also said that the association has also resolved to seek reservation of at least one seat  in the Upper House for advocates.

The six hours meeting of the association on 9 January, 2009 has also sought an amendment in selection of judges. “ We oppose the appointment of inexperienced graduates as judges. They should practice for at least five years,” he said. He also sought an increase in grant to all the advocates associations by five times.