'It's a sting fest in media'

'It's a sting fest in media'

Yadav defends AAP, says false accusations are flying

With stings against AAP intensifying, the beleaguered party leader Yogendra Yadav defended his party, saying that accusations are flying without any evidence.

The AAP leader on Friday claimed to have received messages of anguish from thousands of volunteers.

“In this sting-fest in the media, it looks like an open invitation to wash one’s sins. One incident is being used to discredit  entire movement. Now innocuous conversations are also being presented as stings,” he said.

The AAP chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had suffered a body blow on Wednesday after the release of an audio tape that purportedly shows Kejriwal telling a former party legislator to poach six Congress MLA to form the government in the capital last year.

Another sting released a day later by a member of party’s minority wing puts the AAP chief in spot for not heeding to demand for fielding more Muslims in the recent city polls.
“Are those powerful forces in play who want the idea of AAP be nipped in its bud? If so, we all must resist such designs with all that we’ve,” Yadav tweeted.

 “Whatever our internal differences, all of us must join hands to preserve the organisational unity and ethical integrity of this movement,” another tweet by him said.
This assumes significance because Yadav and Prashant Bhushan, who were ousted out of the party’s political affairs committee, have been at odds with the party leadership over  efforts to install an AAP-led government in Delhi with the help of Congress last year.

“The manthan in the last few days has produced good deal of visha; it’s time now for amrita. Or so I hope,” he said.

Meanwhile, AAP leader Sanjay Singh, who too could be on the receiving end of a not-yet-public sting by former Congress MLA Asif Mohammad Khan, asked media not to show anything without proof.

“Media should report things after clarifying the news. Congress is making a fool out of you and you are letting them,” he told reporters.

Khan has threatened to release the sting that allegedly shows Sanjay Singh offering him a ministerial post for backing AAP’s effort of forming government in Delhi.

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