Gatecrasher wanted to dance with Michelle

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Allen, who went uninvited to the White House dinner, that exposed troubling gaps in presidential security and launched a federal investigation said, he wanted to dance with the First Lady, a media report said. “The only thing I regretted at the end of the night was that they didn’t have no dancing,” Allen told “The Washington Post”.

He had really wanted to shake it with Michelle Obama, and maybe Hillary Clinton, too; “The Washington Post” reported based on an interview with Allen and his lawyer.

“With all due respect to President Obama, I know he can’t dance,” Allen was quoted as saying. “I wanted to show him up... I can dance. Dancing is my thing,” he said.

Though the White House has not released the name of the third gate crasher, Salahi couples being the first two, US media has been saying that Allen is the third gate crasher to the White House State Dinner. Allen though acknowledges that he has been questioned by the Secret Service, but claims that he had an invite for the dinner.

“He may have more chutzpah than most people,” his attorney A Scott Bolden told “The Post”. “He may be more naive than most people. But he’s not a gate-crasher,” he claimed.
During his two hour interview with “The Post”, Allen said he wrote to the White House Social Secretary in October requesting an invite to the State Dinner because of the charity work he has been doing. He said he got something in the mail, which he thought was an invite. “I was happy but I wasn’t shocked because I get invited to a lot of things,” he said. Though the letter is now with the Secret Service, the daily said it is not an invite, but an inside of the dinner programme.

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