Research before decision

Research before decision

Research before decision

Dear Madam,
I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2014 and have been working in a private construction firm since August. I have applied to several universities for my Master’s in Construction Management and have received admits from a couple of (average) universities from the USA and one from (a top university in) the Netherlands. I am very keen on going to the latter but a lot of people have suggested that finding a job after my Master’s is very challenging in Europe and on the other hand, it is a whole lot simpler in the US. I am really confused and not sure what to do. Kindly enlighten me about the job opportunities (in my field) in the Netherlands, if not in Europe as a whole. Which country would you suggest me to take up and why?

Dear Nahush,
If you are hardworking, good at what you do and serious about finding a job, you will find employment anywhere in the world. I would pick a top University like TU Delft at Netherlands rather than an average university in the US. Producing graduates who are highly employable would be the key focus of most good universities. In a field such as construction where there are new projects coming up all the time, there will always be a requirement for qualified construction engineers and project managers in areas such as structures, pavements, geo-technical, commercial and residential real estate etc.  Job opportunities will be available in both public as well as private sectors in construction industries, engineering and infrastructure firms and international consultancies. Your tuition fee and living expenses will be cheaper in Netherlands compared with the United States.

Dear Madam,
I would need your assistance in the following concern: I am a BCom graduate and I worked for a year because I wanted to pursue my Master’s from an international university. I am taking the GMAT exam this month. Once I complete my Master’s, I want to pursue IAS. What do you suggest Madam? Kindly let me know if this is a good idea and is the masters degree from international university helpful in pursuing the same. Thank you so much for your assistance
Shivani Muthappa

Dear Shivani,
To pursue your IAS, you don’t need a Master’s from an international university. You can take the IAS exam after your Bachelor’s. If you are interested in doing your Master’s in a foreign University, your GMAT scores will certainly help. To be able to pursue an MBA abroad in a good university, you require 2 to 3 years of work experience. You can however apply for a Masters in Management / Finance / HR/ Marketing / Business Analytics / Operations Management etc.

Dear Madam,
I’m in my third year BSc, Forensic Science and I would like to pursue my Masters in the related courses in USA. Could you please tell me a few good universities I could look at and also the job opportunities in these fields? Are there scholarships available from the first semester of study itself? Could you please suggest scholarships I could apply for?
Deeksha Sridhar

Dear Deeksha,
Master’s in Forensic Science, Crime scene investigation, DNA analysis, Drug testing, Cyber crime and other related subjects like Forensic anthropology, Forensic chemistry, Forensic biology and Forensic toxicology are offered by many Universities in the US.
University of California Davis, University of Illinois Chicago, Syracuse University, Pennsylvania State University, Michigan State University, Boston University and George Washington University are among the best in this field. Scholarships are available for students with high GPA, GRE and TOEFL scores. The only problem is that most US universities will not accept a three-year degree program.
These courses are offered in the UK too and they will accept your three-year degree. The only exam you need to write to be eligible for admission is the IELTS.
This course is now much in demand and is offered in all the top universities across the world. For a complete list of universities in different countries and the courses offered, please visit

Dear Madam,
I am currently in my second year of BBA. I was wondering whether it’s better to have work experience before pursuing an MBA, or is it alright to pursue one immediately after getting a bachelor’s degree?Although I am looking at some options in India, I would like to go abroad to the US for my MBA and have heard that it is a requirement to have four years of undergraduate studies. I have already completed one year of BCom (Hons) in one University and received the credits for doing so. However, I had switched universities and my course from BCom (Hons) to BBA and am going to finish my third year by 2017. Since I would be in University for a total of four years and would have received the required credits, would I be eligible to apply for an MBA in the US?
Rohit J

Dear Rohit,
Entry requirement for an MBA in the U.S is a four-year degree like BE or BTech and a minimum of two years work experience. If you are considering Indian universities for your MBA, you don’t need work experience. If you are keen on U.S, I suggest you work for three years and then take the GMAT and TOEFL exams to qualify for their MBA admissions.

Dear Madam, I have completed my MBBS, MD in Pharmacology and am presently working in a medical college. I am interested in pursuing my PhD in Nutrition and dietetics through a correspondence course from a reputed university. Could you please suggest some universities in India or abroad that are well recognised. Would be extremely grateful.

Dear Dr PD,
Rutgers, which is a reputed university offers online PhD in Nutrition. There are other universities too, like Phoenix, Colorado etc which offer online PhD programs in Health and nutrition, but my recommendation is Rutgers University – School of Health Related Professions.

Dear Madam,
Please guide me in the matter of pursuing an MS in Germany. My son who is presently in the 6th Semester of Mechanical branch and is interested in doing it in Germany only. I will be thankful if you could guide us in this regard about openings /facilities available, formalities to be completed and the essential requirements so that we can keep everything ready by the time he completes his BE. He has maintained a GPA of 8.5 until now. Does he need to acquire German language proficiency? If yes, please provide the list of approved institutes in Bengaluru or the contact link details.My warm compliments to you as I have been reading your column “Education - Study Abroad- Aim for the best” regularly and I feel that it is immensely useful to parents and students like us. Thanks for the vital dissemination of critical information/ guidance.
Anandababu HR

Dear Mr Anandababu,
Thank you for your kind words.
If your son wants to go to Germany to pursue his MS, this is the right time to start sending him for German classes to the Goethe Institute (Max Mueller Bhavan) at Indiranagar in Bengaluru. They offer special courses for students who want to go to Germany for higher education. They would advice you on the language courses.
Here is a link to their website: Your son should take the GRE & TOEFL exam. He should prepare an impressive resume which can be a work in progress until he is ready to apply. Application procedure should start exactly one year before the start of the course. Ask him to carry out some research work outside the requirement of his regular course work. Let him also gather some part time work experience. This will strengthen his resume. Finally, he should write a strong statement of purpose and request three of his professors to provide letters of recommendation.
For complete information on German Universities, fees, scholarships, funding and working opportunities, visa etc please visit and The Bangalore DAAD information point is on Residency road, Bengaluru.

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