India takes lead in negotiating draft UNGA resolution on Nepal

India takes lead in negotiating draft UNGA resolution on Nepal

India takes lead in negotiating draft UNGA resolution on Nepal

India has taken the lead in negotiating a draft UN General Assembly resolution on the devastating Nepal earthquake that will underline the need for the international community to continue its support for rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in the country.

The resolution, co-sponsored by India, is expected to be tabled soon in the 193-member UN body and once adopted will affirm the "leading role and the primary responsibility" of the Nepalese government, with adequate support and cooperation from the international community, in the humanitarian response, rehabilitation, recovery, reconstruction and development plans for the country.

Following the earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 and has so far killed over 8,000 people, India had launched the massive relief operation 'Maitri' and voiced its commitment to partnering with its neighbour for re-habilitation and re-construction efforts.

The resolution, negotiated in consultation with Nepal, will underline the need for the international  community to "maintain its focus on sustaining the support for the medium and long-term rehabilitation, reconstruction and risk reduction priorities as defined and led by the Government of Nepal." It will also emphasise the "importance of linking relief with rehabilitation and development from very early on, of building resilience and 'building back better', of further strengthening national capacities at all levels to prepare for and respond to future disasters of this kind."

A new earthquake of 7.3 magnitude struck Nepal yesterday killing at least 65 people, just two weeks after the powerful quake devastated much of the country's infrastructure.

Once adopted, the resolution will underline the importance, in parallel to the relief effort, of rapidly initiating the reconstruction efforts and resuming development through Nepal's sustained efforts and assistance from the international community, including the international and regional financial institutions in collaboration with the UN and Member States.

Under Operation Maitri, special flights were launched with teams from India's National Disaster Response Force and with rescue and relief materials.

The relief assistance provided by India included 95 tonnes of food packages and dry rations, 94 tons of water, 7.5 tons of medicine, 3,700 tents, more than 100,000 blankets, 600 pieces of tarpaulin and 2,000 plastic sheets.

The resolution will further emphasise the need to urgently help survivors through immediate and needs-based relief assistance, underlining the importance of reaching affected people particularly in remote areas, addressing the needs of the most vulnerable, as well as the specific needs  of women, girls, men and boys. 

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