Give shape to your dreams, for free!

Give shape to your dreams, for free!

Creativity is a contagious passion,” Albert Einstein had said. It is a precious gift, a unique talent. Not everyone possesses the sensibility to acknowledge it, let alone understand the very concept of it. But in an environment where people spend better part of their lives in pursuit of well-paid jobs and successful businesses, ‘creativity’ may have to be given the back seat for a more opportune time!

Such was the plight of Atul Sharma, an engineering graduate who spent many years  exploring himself and the career he actually wanted to pursue. Having tried his hand at acting, a regular engineering job, and a part time course in journalism, the 26-year-old enthusiast found himself, yet again, in a dilemma about the kind of career he would like to pursue. Like a flash of lightning the idea of ‘Korrade’ hit Sharma and there he was with a platform that he had always dreamt of.

The literal meaning of the term is ‘free learning’. At a deeper level, Korrade is a space, which seeks to break all barriers that stand in the way of those who nurture their interests and creativity and dream of pursuing a career through them.

Where the city is full of institutes and academies --that teach singing, dancing, painting etc, and charge a handsome amount from the aspirants, Korrade on the other hand is an enterprise that is literally ‘free for all’, addressing the needs of youngsters  from the modest economic backgrounds.

In one line Korrade “Is a community that makes ‘learning’ accessible to all. A platform where ‘talent’ is showcased to all, where ‘capitalism’ is least for all and the society
is ‘equal’ for all,” its creator tells Metrolife.

Sharma started the operations by holding the first workshop on Photography, held at the Ragaas Music Academy in South Delhi’s INA locality. Each workshop focuses on specific talents, or anything on the creative front, wherein an expert or an experienced professional is invited to lead the workshop. From a workshop on ‘Spanish for beginners’ to a session on ‘street theatre’; from a counselling session helmed by renowned counsellor Dr Vasantha Patri to a workshop on ‘writing’ by Atul Cowshish,  retired journalist from The Statesman, Korrade has something for everyone with a deep passion for learning.

“The first session was attended by 14 avid photography enthusiasts,” recalls Sharma. He now collaborates with 500 schools under the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and many other trained professionals, who willingly come to hold these workshops for free.

Be it yoga, vocal music, drawing or filmmaking, you name your favourite hobby or interest  and Korrade will hold a workshop for you!

One wonders how Sharma handles the financial aspect of his pet project given that these are ‘free for all’ workshops. To this he boastfully replies, “I have willingly adopted the Aam Aadmi Party funda. Korrade focuses more on the social entrepreneurship than on the business perspective.”

“Investment is not a part of our model” he continues, “much like Google and Facebook, our costs and revenue will develop on its own, wherein survival happens overtime.”

Hence, for all those who aspire to learn, try a Korrade workshop held every Sunday at INA. This might be your pathway to success!

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