Against all odds

Against all odds

Directorial debut

Against all odds

The Kannada film industry has umpteen number of people flowing in and out of its lair, but only a selected few dare to set up camp there. Santosh Kumar, a debutant director, is one among them who has fallen in love with the filming world and can’t get enough of it.

Although he is no newcomer to the film world, he is excited about his directorial debut, ‘Students’. “I have previously acted in two films but they didn’t do very well so I took a break from the film industry and went on to do my hotel management and MBA.

Then I was an assistant director for a while. When I wrote the script for ‘Students’, I was excited and wanted to make it a commercial success,” he says. 

But the concept didn’t stick too well with producers so Santosh decided to bring it to life himself.

 The film is entirely crowd-funded and rests on the shoulders of charitable patrons.
   “Unlike other films, we don’t have a producer. It consists of a team of 10 people who are passionate about movies.”

What is the movie about? “It’s about three guys who date three celebrities and their life after the break-up. It’s a film for the family and youth. It deals with a very serious issue in a humourous way.” Why did he decide to make a film on students? “Our student life is like gold — everyone enjoys themselves then and want more of it. The film also discusses sensitive issues like bullying, ragging, how student unions work and more; it is a film that the youth will enjoy,” he adds.

On the music, he says, “We have five songs — four songs as part of the film and a theme song. But they aren’t like item numbers and blend into the film. They are there only for a particular situation.” He is looking for an all-Karnataka release and adds, “There are many films that are made and set aside in a box; they never see the inside of a theatre. But I want our film to reach the masses as it’s relatable.”  

Calling himself a “movie buff”, he says that he has always been interested in movies. “I want to be a part of a film that is a commercial success. When I’m watching a film, I view it like a common man would rather than a critic. So, this film is different because it concentrates on every single frame, which has a story that is connectible to the audience.”  

The shoot has already commenced and just 40 per cent of the filming remains. “We are introducing new and up-and-coming actors in this film. The next few scenes are based in college so we are having an audition called ‘Chance Ge Dance’ to hire people. When we want something real bad, we do everything to get it and are willing to dance to any tune – this is an opportunity for youngsters to showcase their skills,” he sums up.