Punjabi stays on top

Over­night leader Vijay Punjabi maintained his pole position after 12 games in the Karnataka State tenpin bowling championship at the PVR Blu O alley in Orion Mall here on Tuesday.

Struggling at the start of the day which was played on short oil pattern, Punjabi recovered in fine fashion as the day wore on, scoring 234 and 205 pinfalls in the second and third games respectively.

He eventually ended the day with a total pinfall of 2518 (two-day total) for an average of 209.83.

Parvez Ahmed, with a total pinfall in 2,421 at an average of 201.7, rose to the second spot while Varun Ganapathy dropped one position to third with a total pinfall of 2369.

The stand-out performer of the day was Akaash Ashok Kumar, who felled a total of 1266 pins for an average of 211.

The women’s competition begins on Wednesday.

Results: Vijay Punjabi (2518) 1; Parvez Ahmed (2421) 2; Varun NG (2369), 3; Salman K (2367) 4; Subhan Allah (1134) 5; Babu R (1134) 6; Prem Kumar (1130) 7; Kishan KG (2207) 8; Puneeth MV (1093) 9; Prasanth G (2166) 10.

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