Smart baubles for the bold, new-age woman

Smart baubles for the bold, new-age woman

Gold rush

Gold a symbol of the warm sun has been an important part of Indian culture since time immemorial. Rich or poor, Indians  splurge on gold to ridiculous extents and the accumulation of gold has become something of an obsession with us. Today, gold jewellery has become a part of the traditional household acquiring ‘heirloom status’.

Mothers and grandmothers pass on their ancient adornments to their children with affection, imparting it a value that is well, more than its weight in gold!.

However, in the contemporary fast-paced times and culture, it is almost impossible and impractical too, to wear elaborate gold jhumkas or Meenakari jewellery to work or other places.
“My mother has a lot of ancestral jewellery; especially gold jewellery. We have heavy Rajasthani bangles, Kundan neck pieces and beaded jhumkas that I simply can’t wear, as they are too flashy and heavy, except in rare
weddings or functions,”
Payal Singh, a banker,
tells Metrolife.
Thus, jewellery makers and big brands are introducing collections of new age, affordable and easy-to-wear jewellery for the modern woman. The designs incorporated into these ornaments are minimalistic and stylish.
The Mia collection by Tanishq is one example of jewellery for the contemporary woman. Mia’s designs are innovative, inspired by the cross sections of sliced fruits. The website describes the pieces as “expressions of modern luxury”.  “These are 18 carat gold jewellery pieces. We get a lot of customers that are working women, and they prefer such kind of economical and
urbane ornaments,” says Dev Nandan, working at a
Tanishq store.
Big brands are now even working towards combining the aesthetic history of Indian jewellery with the chic, au courant elements that women prefer nowadays.
Amrapali’s Tribe collection attempts to do same. Combining attractive visual elements and basic designs, these
collections are a hit
amongst the ladies.
“There are so many options to explore now, instead of going to the local jewellery makers that our families purchased their gold from. True, a lot of Indian women still believe that gold is the best investment. But why purchase jewellery that you can only very occasionally use? Affordable and dapper pendants, earrings and bracelets are available at leading jewellery stores, and these stores even have proper weighing machines and official markings on their pieces that prevents one from being cheated while purchasing gold,” Lavanya Verma, a student, tells Metrolife.

However, even traditional jewellery makers are introducing innovative pieces into their collections to attract more customers, especially young and office-going women.

“We have started selling various studs, small hoop earrings, and even small and pretty pendants in gold and silver for our younger customers,” says Amrish Singh, a jewellery shop owner.

Another new option to purchase new age ornaments are the online stores that have recently come up in a big way.

Websites like and open up a whole new variety of choices for women to select modern jewellery from, and the best part is that their pieces are certified and affordable.

Women today are ambitious and are confidently exploring new avenues in every field. They can’t let anything hinder their everyday work; and that’s where minimalistic jewellery comes in.

For as Coco Chanel put it, “Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

Thus it makes sense to change our jewellery, our style to suit the changing us!

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