Terrorist Naveed was trained in the same LeT camp as Ajmal Kasab

Last Updated 07 August 2015, 04:42 IST

Muhammad Naveed, the Lashkar-e-Taiba militant who was captured alive in Udhampur following an attack on the BSF convoy, has revealed that he was trained in the same Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) camp as Ajmal Kasab, the convict in the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai.

Divulging the same, the intelligence team said that Naveed underwent training for three months in the Lashkar camp in Mansehra before sneaking into India, according to a report in The Indian Express.

On completion of his training, he was pushed across the LoC through Tangmarg, where he kept hiding until he got instructions to attack the BSF convoy.

In an interview to The Hindustan Times, Muhammad Yakub revealed that he was the “unfortunate father” of Muhammad Naveed.

Naveed's father Muhammad Yakub is a poor peasant who earns bread for his family by working in the fields in Faisalabad.

Naveed has three siblings, namely Muhammad Nabil, Muhammad, Salim and Faiza.

Intelligence officials interrogating Naveed said that poverty and undignified treatment at home made him join the terrorist outfit.

(Published 07 August 2015, 04:42 IST)

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