FM hits out at Sonia, Rahul; says Cong cant digest 2014 defeat

FM hits out at Sonia, Rahul; says Cong cant digest 2014 defeat

FM hits out at Sonia, Rahul; says Cong cant digest 2014 defeat

As Congress stalled the GST Bill in Rajya Sabha, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today hit out at Sonia and Rahul Gandhi saying they had taken the defeat in 2014 elections badly and were creating obstacles in the path of national growth.

Congress whose policies continue to be a liability for the country stands isolated on the Bill that will lead to a national Goods and Service Tax replacing all indirect levies, boosting economic growth and cutting prices, he said.

"GDP will be boosted. That is the economic consensus, if GST is introduced. But Congress for some reason does not want that.

"Its policies were a liability on the economy of this country, when the Congress was in the government. It continues to be a liability on the economy of this country even when it is in opposition," he told reporters minutes after Rajya Sabha adjourned for the day following ruckus by Congress.

Jaitley said the party stands isolated with almost no political group supporting its disruptionist programme.

"It is clear that its two leaders have taken their 2014 defeat very badly. And therefore they are unable to accept the fact that anybody outside the Gandhi family can also rule this country," he said, without naming Sonia or Rahul.

Before the Monsoon Session of Parliament ends on Thursday, Jaitley today introduced in Rajya Sabha the constitutional amendment bill after incorporating suggestion from the House panel. But discussion on it could not take place due to yowls of protests from Congress.

Deputy Chairman P J Kurien said since it is a constitutional amendment bill, the House has to be in order for its passage and adjourned the proceedings till tomorrow.

"Unfortunately the Congress is in a self destruct mode. We do not grudge that. But in the process, it wants not only to disrupt India's Parliament but also create obstacles in the path of national growth," Jaitley said.

Stating that disruptionist politics is dangerous both for the Congress and the country, he appealed to the principal opposition party to "see reason and come on the path of cooperation particularly in relation to policies they themselves had at one stage proclaimed".

"We on behalf of the government, along with the support of all parties who are supporting the GST, are determined to pursue this and will take all correct measures politically and constitutionally to achieve this goal," he said.