Best foot forward

Best foot forward

State's pride

Best foot forward

A sports fan will know Jagadeesha Suchith, one of the contemporary faces of Indian cricket, for his brilliantly structured bowling repertoire and the slick skill with which he handles his game so thatthe ball effortlessly cuts through the air.

    His game always proves to be an aesthetic experience, be it at the Indian Premier League (IPL) with Mumbai Indians or the Karnataka Premier League (KPL).

The slow and sturdy left-arm, orthodox bowler is looking forward to a promising KPL this year as he hopes to contribute to it with his powerful batting craft as well. He recalls that the tournament last year was a great motivation and driving initiative for youngsters.

After the IPL tournament, Suchith hasn’t thought of a different strategy for KPL 2015. “I’m hoping to work on good deliveries and enhance the experience that I gained when I played for Mumbai Indians.”

    He wishes to take on bigger responsibilities such as bowling in power plays, charging in for a better depth and looking to finish the game on the batting front.

     “Senior players such as Robin Uthappa, who have been doing consistently well in every season, are a motivation for young players like me,” he adds.

One who leaves no stone unturned on the pitch, he always looks to bounce back after a hard day by assessing the areas that he can improve on rather than mulling over his past performances.

      One of the stronger youngsters who the upcoming talent look up to, Suchith advises the latter to focus and work hard in whichever tournament they play.        Karnataka has always produced a great pool of talent, with an inspiring history of players to look up
to and Suchith attributes this to the hard-working streak in various State players and the hunger to play quality cricket. 

He travels quite often to the City, from his hometown Mysuru, for his matches. “This is quite a busy City,” he laughs, “But I have to get used to this as I have to keep travelling in and out for matches. I usually receive a lot of inputs from my seniors here and spend time with the players when I can.”

     And on breaks (though he doesn’t get too many of them), he tries to spend time with his family. He also concentrates on building his strength through frequent visits to the gym and various physical activities and takes care of his diet regime, which is a healthy intake of proteins and carbohydrates that keep him fresh throughout the tournament.

     As luck would have it, the players he played alongside during the IPL are in different teams for the KPL this season, and Suchith says that the competition among the teams has only increased.

   Just like every cricketer, he too wishes to represent his country someday. At the moment, he is looking to make his debut for Karnataka.

     He says, “It’s a hard task to carve out a permanent place with the team that we have now. But I am looking to cement a place for myself.”

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