About tastes and concept-based cafes

About tastes and concept-based cafes

Food review

Looking for some place to go with friends after a long time? Planning a reunion in the heart of the city? Want to have some close-knit celebrations at a design savvy café and private chambers? Head to The Vault Café located at Connaught Place which provides not just food, wine and music but also five differently-sized private vaults for eight to 22 people in a group.

The lighting, the wall clocks and the treasure boxes give the feel of the British colonial period with a twist of multi-cuisine flavour. Consisting of Mexican, Italian, Continental, Indian and Chinese, some of the tastes seem to linger beyond the meal. Head Chef Gopal Singh with 15 years of experience mentions that there are special Summer Coolers (Mocktail/Cocktail) menus having different fruit flavours. Metrolife is welcomed by R&B (Rhythm and Blues) music and Watermelon and Kaffir Lemonade, which is indeed refreshing. The Vault Fruit Bull with Red Bull, gives that added taste for all the brand lovers.

The starters and the main menu are quite filling ranging from the chilly Fiery Red Chilli Cottage Cheese priced at Rs 295 to the mellowed down Dahi Ke Kebab which leaves a tangy taste in the mouth. Lachha Parantha with Veg Jhalfrezi or curry with fried marinated vegetables is crunchy, qualifying easily as the authentic Indian food. Another variety is Salt and Pepper which is a combination of vegetables in a tomato-based gravy which reminds one of the usual ‘ghar ka khaana’.

Going on to the non-vegetarian platter, the varieties are as many with more of chicken-based dishes. The Spicy Chicken Lollipop, a hot favourite, rates higher than the Vault Special Spicy Chicken Wings all due to the combination of spice. Infact if you love spicy food, you will love Lollipop more. Another special is the Chicken Dumplings for Rs 395  that live upto its name and are a must try. Steamed dumplings stuffed with minced chicken, bell peppers, peanuts and water chestnuts are very soft and melt in the mouth.
Apart from these, there are the usual platters offering variety of pizzas  in which Homedelight is one which reminds one of the thin crust pizzas.

A glass of AG Forty Seven Malbee Shiraz, a red wine is a good accompaniment to the choice of the dishes. There are not many options on desserts but Choco Brownie Icecream is a regular on the menu.

Launched in November 2014, The Vault offers a bar and a range of classic cocktails priced reasonably and cosmopolitan, Mojito, margarita and Tom Collins are popular. The ambience, the location and a friendly staff are plus points that cannot be overlooked.