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Exercising political skullduggery
The national awards as usual proved to be another exercise in political skullduggery. There is the ‘hotelwallah’ of dubious antecedents Chatwal, a poacher Saif and strangely Rekha. The height of stupidity is that we are capable of equating our own Nobel laureate with another ‘filmwallah’, Amir Khan. But this rot began years ago when every semi-literate politician got themselves doctorates and now its all Dr. Kumarana, Dr Yeddi, and god knows who else. There is only one thing left. Why don't we go the whole hog and get the Indian army into the picture. Then we can have Lt Col. N D Tiwari (the chap's is in the doghouse, isn't he?) or Col of the First Maharatta, Lt Col. P Chidambaram. Heck the entire the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha will be soon be full of Cols and Dr.’s.
Jagadish Prasad
Ramakrishnagar, Mysore

Celebrity engagements have short life
Shoiab Mirza must consider himself lucky to have got of out of his 'entanglement' with the Tennis Star, Sania Mirza. It is reported that Sania Mirza suddenly found Shoaib 'incompatible' as her 'doubles partner' in the game of life, and decided to break the engagement. Celebrity engagements and marriages are fraught with all sorts of ifs and buts and as a rule both-engagements as well as marriages do not last for long. The recent Rakhi Sawant engagement is another such incident. The celebrity partner in such engagements/marriages has an inflated ego and the other partner is considered as just an 'also ran' category. Though Sania Mirza achieved success in the field of tennis, she did not show much maturity in life. When she was given an Honorary Doctorate Degree by some Tamilnadu University, Sania made an ignorant remark: 'Now I can practice medicine'.’Anyway, the decision to call of the engagement is welcome since a broken engagement is much better than a broken marriage.
M V Nahusharaj

LeT behind Mumbai attack says Pak
This is with reference to LeT behind Mumbai attack says Pak appearing in DH dated 28JAN10. It was inevitable for Pakistan to have admitted its role in the Mumbai attack of 26/11. However Indian Govt must not be carried away with having charged the seven accused including LeT Commander in Chief Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi. One would have to wait & watch for the quantum of punishment delivered to these terrorists. If Ajmal Qasab statement has been concurred with by the Pak investigators then why is it turning a blind eye towards LeT chief Saeed Hafiz?
Deepak Chikramane

Supreme Court Benches
Millions of cases get stagnated right from the Sessions courts to Supreme Court at various stages for scores of years.  We now hear the Supreme Court may have benches at the important metros. Already the number of judges is quite large and this may also be increased. Delay, adjournment motions and dragging of cases in all the courts for ages is a common phenomenon. The poor litigant is at the receiving end. If at all finally he gets justice it is always too late. He doesn’t get the benefits he is entitled to. It is a pyrrhic victory.
What then should one think of to reform and make judiciary efficient, dispense justice quickly and make the backlog minimum? First, the number of judges should be reduced to optimum. Increasing their number is no solution. The Supreme Court should deal only with important cases on the matters of law on appeal from the lower courts. As a final court they should deal more with cases between various states and between the central and a state government.  Criminal cases should be brought to courts within a specified period and disposed off. Once a case is taken for hearing adjournments should normally avoided. Adjournments should be allowed rarely and only up to a maximum of a specified number of times. Time limit for oral arguments by the contesting parties should also be to the minimum required.  Written dispositions of many witnesses can be submitted. This way the precious time in courts can be used more usefully.  Only nine judges in the Supreme Court of the USA administer and uphold justice to the satisfaction of all litigants in that country.  Why we cannot learn from that country’s experience? Many other countries also have smaller number of judges in their courts.  They also administer justice swiftly and fairly. It is high time we think of “out of the box” solutions to our notorious delays in our judicial system.
Chembur, Mumbai

Proud President 
The sweeping victory of Mahinda Rajapaksa at Sri Lanka election results is no surprise. He preponed the elections by two years to encash his image after successful war against LTTE, fearing there will be nothing to boost for his Govt. after end of the six years term. The Tamils as expected turned out less to vote as their choice between two persons one who ordered to kill and the other who killed their family members. The Srilankan opposition did a wrong thing by supporting Fonseka trying to take advantage of his image of leading the army for wiping out LTTE. The post election results drama only proves that Rajapaksa is not feeling secured even after winning with thumping majority. It is sad commentary on Rajapaksa that instead of ensuring the safety and respect of his country Tamils after elimination of LTTE has used their tragedy to extend his period as President of the country. Rajapaksa's victory has the blood of Tamils which he cannot be proud of.
K R Anandagopalan
Hebbal Kempapura

This refers to “Generals face court martial”
It is painful to note that, even Indian army personnel who are always known for their highly disciplined life and patriotism, who are also supposed roll models for the rest of Indians, are ready to compromise with their moral values just to make fast buck and to become rich. These are the same people who give instructions to the soldiers who in turn don’t think twice to honor their leader’s instructions and even become ready to sacrifice their life protecting our nation. If the people who are supposed to be saviors become spoilers, then nobody can save this country. Defense minister has done a commendable job. It is not enough if they are just court martialed, severe punishment should be given to them. At the same time, what about corrupt politicians? Can somebody court-martial them?
Anantha Padmanabha

Projects of global standards in India
Indian’s Look East Policy with South and South East Asia is gaining momentum.  Bilateral Trade with South Korea has increased from $530 million in 1992-93 to $16 billion in 2009-10.  China has become the second largest trading partner with India, the bilateral trade reaching $50 billion.  South Korea is the third biggest investor in India specially in the automobile sector and white goods manufacturing.  The UPA regime did well to honor the South Korean President as the Chief Guest at the Republican Parade this year. Unfortunately, corruption and regulatory hassles have blocked further progress.  Posco of South Korea is struggling to build a $ 12 billion steel plant in Orissa for over 3 years.  The UPA policy on FDI is still cumbersome and old fashioned. More foreign investor friendly policies can fetch over $ 100 to 200 billion per year.  This could be usefully spent on the much needed infrastructure projects which need investment of over $ 1 trillion in the next 5 years.  We need a more dynamic cabinet in Delhi to bring in  a more pragmatic and proactive foreign trade policies which can generate more employment and surplus in balance of payments.  More Lakshmi Nivas Mittals want to start projects of global standards in India even during global recession.
Dr. K.S.Krishnamurthy, Ph.D., (USA)

God's must be laughing
This refers to the ongoing tussle for the ownership of temples in erstwhile DK district or for that matter everywhere in our country irrespective of caste or religion. The real or invisible god must be laughing when he is witnessing the notification and de notification drama continuing since many decades to own these visible gods and their temples by the government and private groups. Even after the de notification the ownership struggle would continue among the family members of the owning family as the main reason for the fight is the income generated in these shrines.
Even the ownership by the government is not free from politics as the corruption in administration is rampant in many temples. As these temples have become money spinners the ownership has become very attractive and if the temple budget becomes a deficit one nobody would have claimed the ownership.
We the god-fearing people are the root cause for these ugly fights as we believe that the heavy offerings at the temples would only solve our problems or help us to come out of our guilt, if any. Our god surely wants only our earnest prayers and not our money, gold or diamond which is precious only to petty people like us, not to our gods and we funnily believe that our god is also poor, greedy and ambitious like us.
Ramakanth Udupa

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