Smart info display for patients

Smart info display for patients

AIIMS OPDs will soon have display boards showing real-time slots with patient names so that people cannot jump the queues. Patients will have to scan their appointment slips before they head for check-ups.

The display boards will show the real-time turn of the patient to stop patients from jumping queues. The digital boards will soon be installed, said doctors.

Hospital staff also jump queues and ask doctors to see their relatives before turns which frequently lead to fights, said doctors.  

On Wednesday, the hospital installed scanners at the paediatrics OPD. After a few weeks’ trial, the system will be launched in the paediatrics and medicine OPDs which see the highest rush.

Soon, it will be mandatory for patients to scan their appointment slips.

“The scanners will be functional full-fledged from early next month. The software will be such that the patient name and slot can be seen on a real-time basis on the display boards. All patients who seek appointment do not turn up. Even with appointment slips, people tend to jump queues leading to brawls,” said Dr Deepak Aggarwal, Neurosurgeon and In-Charge of the IT wing, AIIMS.

Currently, patients can seek appointments at AIIMS by logging on to the portal with their Aadhaar integration numbers, by calling on an AIIMS number and through web kiosks installed at a pavillion in the hospital premises. In another effort to streamline the process, the hospital has introduced 10 exit corners in the main OPD block.

After the check-ups, patients can queue up at these counters for appointment slips for the next date of check-up and make payments for the diagnostic services in advance.
“Till now, most patients were at a loss who to approach with the prescription. The exit corners will ensure that patients get the appointment slips for the next date which can be after six months. They can also make payments for the diagnostic services. This will contribute to decongestion on the AIIMS premises,” said Dr Aggarwal.

The hospital has roped in Tata Consultancy Services which is consulting it on how to decongest the premises by streamlining the booking procedures.

Currently, of the over 5,000 patients turning up at the OPDs, around 500 patients are seeking bookings online.

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