Govt looking for alternatives to meet power, water crises

Minister Jarkiholi assures industries to address their problems
Last Updated 28 August 2015, 19:27 IST

Minister for Small Scale Industries Satish Laxmanrao Jarkiholi on Friday assured the heads of various industries in the State that their problems will be resolved at the earliest.

He said that the ministry was aware of the problems they faced and that talks with Large and Medium Industries and Commerce Minister R V Deshpande was also being held to resolve several issues.

Jarkiholi was speaking at an interactive meeting organised by the Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association in the City.

He said the department was looking for alternatives to meet power and water crises the industries were facing. Talks were on to ease investment and land dealing process in the State.

At the event, Kassia representatives submitted a memorandum to Satish, Mohammed Mohsin, Managing Director , Karnataka State Small Scale Industries Development Corporation (KSSIDC), and Nilay Mitash, Secretary, (SSI, Mines and Textiles), Commerce and Industries.

Issues listed

The memorandum listed many issues covering lease and purchase of land, power tariffs, power cuts, water rates and inadequate supply, government procurement policies and different practices with different departments, taxation rules, minimum wages of Rs 10,000 be eased, as it was difficult for small scale industries, etc.

Proprosals sent

Mohsin said that proposals have been sent to the secretary on easing water pricing, demand for uniform taxation rules, etc. The government was also talking on subsiding rates for purchasing land in Nelamangala.

Mitash added that the industries should be more analytical in their approach. It is agreed that there are problems and attention should be paid to them, but industries cannot depend on government for every thing.

They should look out for more opportunities and challenges. They should explore the export market as there is huge potential in this sector, he added.

(Published 28 August 2015, 19:27 IST)

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