Women more prone to arthritis, say doctors

Do physical work , lead stress-free life, say doctors

Women more prone to arthritis, say doctors

At least 60 per cent of the patients suffering from arthritis are women, City doctors said on Monday.

Speaking to Deccan Herald on World Arthritis Day, Chandrashekar, head of the department, Sakra Institute of Bone and Joint Care, said that women are more prone to suffering from this condition when compared to men.

“The inheritance factors are such that women are at a higher risk of arthritis. However, there are certain diseases that men are prone to suffer from.”

Everyday activities that result in wear and tear of the joints lead to osteoarthritis.
“Women, especially in India, are under a lot of physical stress.

“From having to climb stairs several times a day to mopping the floor, the amount of pressure that is put on the knees is high,” he added.

This apart, old injuries that have not been treated properly could also lead to osteoarthritis.

If the condition is in the initial stages and is mild, it could be addressed with physiotherapy.

However, if it is extremely severe, a joint replacement is necessary, he added.
Women above 50 are more likely to suffer from the bane.

Women undergo a lot of hormonal changes in this age group and this is one of the major contributers, said Jagadeesh, consultant, arthroscopy and sports medicine, Fortis Hospitals.

“They are mostly pre-menopausal women who experience fluctuations in  estrogen levels, making them obese. This puts them at risk,” he pointed.  

To lower the risk factors, women above the age of 40 are advised to be more physically active and keep tabs on their weight.

It is also important to eat a healthy diet and lead a stress-free life.

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