Oh boy! A mom's perspective

His little hands stole my heart…and his little feet ran away with it.Having a girl child is one of the utmost joys beyond doubt. They are cute and pretty and adorable…daddy’s princess…mommy’s darling…granny’s doll and an absolute delight for everyone in the family. Such charming colourful butterflies fluttering around the house. Who would not want to have them around, eh?

I still remember those days when both of us (Manu and I), desperately wanted to have a baby girl, and ended up buying so much of girlie stuff long before the baby came. Though my instincts always told me otherwise.

The D-day arrived. As I waited there on stone cold OT table for my baby to arrive, all I could think and pray for was a healthy baby, a safe delivery, and nothing else. And then I heard it…my heart raced…I heard it again…the first cry of my little angel—melodious like no other.

Footsteps of the nurse echoed in my head…I knew she was bringing the baby towards me. I held my breath and kept my eyes tightly shut in those seemingly long moments…and then slowly opened my eyes to see a tiny squirming human being. As I planted a kiss on the small forehead, an upheaval of mommyhood emotions washed over me. 

His first breath took mine away and I knew miracles do happen for sure. I saw the nurse carrying the baby away. After a short pause my doctor chuckled from other side of the screen, “Asma! You forgot to ask if it’s a boy or a girl!” Everyone present in OT laughed and I was smiling too. “Baby boy it is”, said the nurse. And thus the privilege of motherhood was bestowed on me.

Every now and then I hear from family and friends how amazing and special little girls are. I absolutely agree and I never miss admiring those cute little dolls myself.

And then er, there are posts doing rounds on social media about daughter’s day, daughter’s week,…and share if you have a daughter etc. But hang on, when I come to think of it, I never rue about having a boy and not a girl. And I don’t feel any less of a mother. In fact, my son has been the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. 

Trust me a mother-son bond is like no other. It’s special; it’s wonderful; terrific and sometimes inexplicable.  And here’s how it feels when you are a mom to a little boy.

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