Nitish accuses PM of 'tactical silence'

Nitish accuses PM of 'tactical silence'

In a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his alleged failure to deliver on his election promises, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said the PM had made 'tactical silence' as a weapon of choce which was in stark contrast to his "unmatched theatrics and rhetoric by using unsubstantiated facts".

"Modiji was always unmatched in theatrics, rhetoric and using unsubstantiated facts. Now tactical silence is his new weapon of choice," Kumar said in a series of tweets ahead of Modi's rallies in Bihar today.

"The saga continues, so let us brace ourselves for a repeat performance in Bihar," he said, alluding to Modi's rhetorical skills.

Kumar questioned Modi for his silence on promises like bringing back black money from abroad, hike in MSP for farmers, employment for youths, special status for Bihar among others and charged the Prime Minister with conveniently forgetting all those pomises made during the general elections last year.

"No words on promises he made and then conveniently forgot - black money, farmer MSP, youth employment, special status for Bihar - lists goes on," the Chief Minister said.

The senior JD(U) leader also hauled up the PM for his continued silence on the killing of two Dalit siblings in Haryana and the Dadri lynching incident in Uttar Pradesh, besides ever increasing prices of dal and said that it was baffling to note that someone (Modi) who did not miss an opportunity to 'talk or tweet' on anything has not spoken on these raging issues so far.

"For someone who doesn't miss an opportunity to talk or tweet by the minute on literally anything, it is baffling that Modiji doesn't speak a word on issues that exhort the collective conscience of the country or bother the common masses... No words on gruesome killing of Dalit children in Haryana, mob lynching in Dadri or skyrocketing prices of dal," Kumar said.

In an obvious dig at increased frequency of the Prime Minister's visits to Bihar to campaign for the Assembly polls which Kumar claimed the NDA was all set to lose to the secular alliance, the Chief Minister mockingly asked the people of Bihar to take advantage of getting to see Modi in flesh and blood as he will become illusive post polls.

"It's a great opportunity for people of Bihar to see Modiji yet again in flesh and blood, besides getting to hear from him and understand him as his visit to the state will be rare post polls," Kumar said.

In another back-handed compliment to the PM for spending time in Bihar, Kumar thanked him for accepting his request to spend some time in Bihar even if it was for campaigning for the Assembly polls.

"Chunav prachar ke liye hi sahi, parantu Modiji ne hamare 'kuch din to gujariye Bihar mein' ke anurodh ko maana to (Even if for campaigning during the Assembly polls, Modi has heeded to my request for spending some time in Bihar)," he said sarcastically.

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