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Help comes home

With the advancement of technology comes convergence. Thanks to this, secondary services like plumbing, repair works, and beauty and wellness, are now at one’s doorstep at the click of the mouse or by just making a call.

The healthcare service too have entered a new phase, especially in the private homecare sector. There are many healthcare startups that are mushrooming out in the City and fighting the dearth of experienced doctors and patient-friendly hospitals. Not only are these ventures cutting down the sickening commute and long queues at the hospitals, but they are also providing young adults assistance in taking care of their elderly parents.

‘Goodhands’, started in 2014, was born to address the untouched sector in the healthcare facility. With the aim of initiating a concept that had a great social impact and at the same time a unique business opportunity, ‘Goodhands’ focusses on supporting young adults in taking care of their elderly parents from afar. Periodic health check, nursing, diagnostics, medicine, health record management — the firm also sets up alerts for seniors to take their medicines and remind them of their doctor’s appointment.

Says Manu Raman, co-founder of ‘Goodhands’, “The market of the senior care was untouched and there was a need for home healthcare for senior citizens. The potential in this concept was immense and we wanted to address the needs of old people.” With technology and hand-held care as strengths, they offer membership policies based on different models. “We hope to enrich the lives of seniors by supporting them physically, mentally, and emotionally — with friendship, empathy and efficiency,” says Manu.

Pioneer in the home healthcare service, ‘Nightingales Home Healthcare’ has been providing an extensive healthcare service at the comfort of one’s home since 1996. Dementia care, stroke rehabilitation, wound management, pulmonary rehabilitation, dental care, ICU services, wellness care plans, equipment hire — the services provided by this firm are many times cheaper than the hospital services. Lalit Pai, the CEO of ‘Medwell Ventures’ that runs ‘Nightingales Home Healthcare’, says, “We provide comprehensive care at home. We are not constrained to a particular age group. We cater to everyone who needs healthcare.”

The firm believes that no place is better for one’s recovery than the comfort of one’s home as ‘long-term stay in the hospital might lead to depression’. The co-founder of ‘Nightingales...’, S Premkumar Raja says, “We came across many cases where the elderly had no one to take care of them as their kins were abroad. Providing healthcare to senior citizens, that too at the doorstep, was a neglected sector then. We wanted to study the plan in detail and address this gap. That is how ‘Nightingale Home Healthcare’ opened almost 20 years back and we have expanded the services now.”

Vaideeswaram Somasundaram is one of those who is availing service at ‘Goodhands’. He was reaching out for a good hand to take care of his ill father while he was away for work. He says, “My struggle of finding a right healthcare provider for my father ended after I found ‘Goodhands’. Highly professional, they conduct thorough background checks of the attendants and send the best one that suit your schedule. I am happy with their service and it is worth the money.” 

‘Prana Healthcare Enablers’, is another new age ‘family physician’ providing personalised healthcare at home. They arrange lab and pharmacy at home and offer services including primary care, physiotherapy, nursing and elderly care. Started in 2013, this is the brainchild of Dr Harsha, an oncologist, Prakash and Murali who were techies, and Narayan, a sales aficionado.  Says Murali, “Prana Healthcare was a result of our own experience at hospitals. As IT professionals, we felt the need for healthcare service at home as we could not afford to spend a whole day at the hospital. We planned to connect with as many doctors as we could and conducted health camps at various corporate sectors.”

The team at ‘Prana...’ has doctors who are backed by technology in the form of app, electronic health record and are available over the phone to guide and support the patients around the clock. With strict guidelines and competence, these home healthcare
services that are technology-friendly are breaking the dark and unhealthy clouds with some light.

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